The Harsh and Unjust Punishment of Marc Lamont Hill | The Nation


Don’t ever consider that billions aren’t being spent on countering criticism of the state of Israel particularly that which isn’t anti-semitic. The most exacting criticism of Israel is within Israel itself laying bribery charges against it’s PM and his attempts at Fake News to have him be seen in a positive light. Isn’t that Murdoch’s Fox/Trump News channel? They too would like to regard any attack on Trump be labelled anti-Semitic. Like Hitler today’s neo-Nazis would regard me as Jewish and I wear that with pride but I’m certainly not pro- Israel and it’s politics today and stand with Hill on the treatment of Palestinians (ODT)

It is time for the attacks on Hill to stop. CNN should immediately reinstate its former commentator; it should not cave in to the idea that criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic or hate speech. And Temple University should remind itself of the proper role of administrators and trustees, and the way our profession has committed itself to due process and academic freedom.

via The Harsh and Unjust Punishment of Marc Lamont Hill | The Nation

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