Is Donald Trump crumbling? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

An article yesterday in CNN politics:Source:

Trump’s mood takes a foul turn: ‘He’s pissed at damn near everyone’ sums up Trump’s crumbling mental state. The whole article is worth a read, but this paragraph serves to illustrate: In the last week, the President’s frayed and fraught relationships have been laid bare for all to see: He’s furious at Kelly for a Paris trip that ended in a public relations debacle. He’s blaming his political advisers for losing the winning narrative of the midterms. And he was caught off guard by his wife’s shot across the bow at one of the top advisers in the West Wing – a sign that their private conversations clearly aren’t functional. So there you have it. Event after event that call into question Donald Trump’s mental state. Episode after episode of bizarre behaviour. Countless instances of forgetfulness. Account after account of absurd statements and incongruous actions. Tweet after astonishing tweet from the most powerful man in the world, who believes that tweeting is the way to conduct global diplomacy, initiate trade wars, address worldwide conflicts, threaten adversaries, and carry out international negotiations. He even sees tweeting as a mecha

Is Donald Trump crumbling? – » The Australian Independent Media Network