Stubborn ABC refuses to die despite constant attacks

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has, so far, been unable to conceal his glee over the ABC’s woes.

First, he contradicted Milne’s suggestion that he, like the nation, had likewise only just been informed of Guthrie’s removal.

Then, he appeared on Insiders to remind the ABC and the rest of Australia who’s boss, telling the ABC, without any trace of irony, that it needs to stop talking about itself and go back to work or “it can expect more attention” from him. He also managed, during this interview, to stick the boot into that pesky Emma Alberici tax cuts article, once again.

And, finally, wildly flaying his arms around and barking in his customary fashion, he informed us all, in case we hoped the issue of political bias may have been addressed, that the Coalition, currently in the throes of finding a suitable replacement for Milne, would not seek bipartisan support for the appointment by consulting with the Opposition.

Of course not. As Mr Morrison keeps repeating, the ABC is, after all, an “independent” organisation — with ever-decreasing funding from his Government, a board appointed by his Government, a selection process overruled by his Government and a Nomination Panel also chosen by his Government. Yep, nothing to see here.

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