Fox News’ Trump-Loving ‘Psychology Expert’ Is A Fake | Crooks and Liars

Guess if Andrew Bolt can self declare that he was educated at Adelaide Uni without ever having a degree anything goes on Murdoch Media when it comes to fake Expertise and commentary (ODT)

The Daily Beast further notes that Loudon’s new book’s cover, the one whose “true psychological theory” she declared proved Trump’s mental awesomeness, falsely states she has a Ph.D. in psychology, along with other dubious references to her professional acumen. According to The Daily Beast, the publisher claimed it had “simplified” her Ph.D. credential because her subject was in “the field of psychology.” The publisher promised, “We will be updating” her credentials in future printings and marketing materials. However, the publisher would not say whether Loudon reviewed and approved of the jacket copy before publication, as is customary.

Loudon also says she’s a member of Trump’s “2020 media advisory board” which seems to be an informal, two-person “board” at most. Yet, after The Daily Beast’s exposé was published, Trump tweeted his enthusiastic support for her:

Watch Hannity say he’ll “rely on the fact that you are a psychologist” to Loudon below, in a Daily Beast video. It also shows her introduced as a “psychology expert” repeatedly on Fox and Russia’s RT.

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