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Yesterday we were subjected to a disgusting abuse of parliamentary privilege by a man who feels his actions should be beyond scrutiny.

Peter Dutton, outraged at what he calls a “personal smear campaign” against him, stood up in parliament and had what could only be described as a hissy fit, launching a cowardly and very personal attack on witnesses providing evidence to a Senate committee.

He also carried with him, every time he stood up, two large folders very obviously labelled with the names Chris Bowen and Tony Burke – the implication being ‘come for me and I will go for you’.

Asked to explain the rationale behind granting some people visas whilst rejecting others, his role in securing jobs for mates, and a possible conflict of interest regarding his businesses, he went into head-kicking mode.

All of the questions asked of Mr Dutton related to his actions as a Minister and his eligibility to sit in parliament.  None of those are personal smears.  They are legitimate questions.

Unfortunately, our Minister for Home Affairs does not think he should be held accountable and views any questioning as a personal affront.  If he has done nothing untoward, why is he so angry?  Why does he feel the need to impugn others?



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