Australia’s child suicide epidemic

Media personalities like Andrew Bolt generate a lot of negative public stereotypes and an atmosphere that promotes bullying and psychological alienation. Alienation that children haven’t the resilience to deal with. Vilifiers of any kind have a lot to answer for in promoting negative images that have the unintended consequences of encouraging bullying and entrapping children in their negative world view . (ODT)

Tragically, the child suicide toll discriminates. Proportionally, suicide takes more Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children than it does non-Aboriginal children. Suicide also takes more migrant children from non-English cultural backgrounds. I work in trauma recovery with suicide affected families — Aboriginal, migrant, everyone. At least one-quarter of these children would still be with us had it not been for bullying and relentless psychological and emotional abuse.

Migrant Australians comprise more than one-quarter of the harrowing Australian suicide toll. Newly arrived migrants from linguistically diverse backgrounds are the most at-risk. The majority are impoverished and face upon arrival, imposts of economic stressors and a divide borne of incidental isolation and inequalities and many instances of the “isms”.

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