Israel kills two Palestinians in Gaza | The Electronic Intifada

Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinians amid protests in the Gaza Strip for the 21st consecutive Friday under the banner of the Great March of Return.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian citizen of Israel was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in the Old City of Jerusalem.

More than 100 others were shot with live ammunition on Friday, according to Al Mezan.

Since the start of the year, more than 200 Palestinians have died by fire from the Israeli military and armed civilians, more than than 180 of them in Gaza. At least 125 have been killed during Gaza’s Great March of Return protests.

More than 5,000 Palestinians have been injured with live ammunition since those protests began, among them more than 800 children.

There has been a single Israeli fatality related to Gaza during that period, a soldier killed by sniper fire last month – the first Israeli death due to fire from Gaza since the 2014 ceasefire.

Israel kills two Palestinians in Gaza | The Electronic Intifada