Stopping the outrage cycle | The Monthly

Today we learnt that – no surprise here – Fraser Anning’s first speech was absolutely deliberate. Sky News played leaked audio of a telephone conversation with former One Nation adviser Jim Savage, in which he says he told Anning months ago to make his first speech count, to “say something really controversial”, and that he called Anning yesterday to tell him not to apologise but to “hold your f***ing nerve”. Anning’s speechwriter, Richard Howard, used to work for Roberts and is reportedly [$] “fascinated with Nazi Germany”. One of Anning’s own staffers, Richard Mcgilvray, today resigned in disgust. Union donors, like ETU and CFMEU, are walking away from Katter’s Australia Party, which may come to regret standing behind the One Nation defector. So much for Fraser Anning. The next election can’t come soon enough, although with Queensland’s track record of electing racists to the federal parliament, one can never be sure.

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