Here are 52 examples of Laura Ingraham’s racism

  • She claimed that children torn from their parents as a result of the Trump administration policies and who were not yet reunited with their families were being protected by the administration because, “due to domestic or drug abuse, many of these parents are now deemed unfit to care for their children or dangerous for their children.”……Bolt’s claim of “no Stolen Generation”
  • During a 2013 appearance on the now-defunct Fox show The O’Reilly Factor, Ingraham claimed that a lot of recent immigrants “have wreaked havoc upon communities.”…………Bolt’s Claims against Africans and Muslims

Where the Sky News, Australian right and Andrew Bolt get their formulaic Racist Bigotry from the American Fox News desk. This what they attribute as their News and Opinion. They don’t win awards so they have their own Award Show. Wake up Australia (ODT)

Here are 52 examples of Laura Ingraham’s racism