Who needs a Nation-State Law? What Israelis really think | +972 Magazine

A giant portrait of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a protest against the Jewish Nation-State Law in Tel-Aviv on July 30, 2018. (Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

But the most important finding from the Peace Index was that 61 percent of Israelis believe the law should have addressed equality, in line with Israel’s Declaration of Independence. On this, a clear majority of Jews and Arabs agree: 72 percent of Arab respondents chose this response, alongside a majority of 60 percent among Jews.

If I were advising Netanyahu and the Likud, I would say this: your voters are onto you, fools. They know you slashed any residual threads of social cohesion in Israel for a pittance of political gain. And with cutthroat competition for center voters, leaders would be well-advised to study the multiple layers of discomfort with the law among those citizens.

For anyone who believes Israel can be a fairer, stronger, democracy worth its name, know that a majority of Jews and Arabs alike still believe in the battered principle of equality. If all else is destroyed, perhaps that is a seed for rebuilding in the future.

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