‘There is a problem’: Tony Abbott questions all African immigration amid gang violence debate

Abbott’s Logic: targets the Sudanese however when applied to the Tony Abbott’s Gang of extreme conservatives it proves they don’t belong in our Australian political system.

 The extreme Conservative Politician Tony Abbott has been caught out lying countless times since he was 18.  Caught molesting women, damaging public property.threatening opponents, abusing his expenditure account on several occasions, taking undeclared questionable indirect gifts and has simply proved conservatives and rampant individualists and nationalists like himself are more likley to break the parliamentary rules some 100 times more than the majority of all other MPs.

Abbott has proved himself and his ilk outliers. So applying Abbott’s own logic and statistical method it shows how  extreme Conservatives can’t integrate with the LNP or the Australian parliamentary system. Constantly promising to change they don’t. Their behaviour and values fail us in the context of the whole and so we need to call them into question and ask about why we allowing them to even run for parliament. Given the Abbott Gang’s rampant Nationalism, Individualism, failure to integrate, their destructive multiple ongoing bad behaviours, their contribution to the waste of our public monies, in particular their constant recidivism and failure to change it proves them to be totally dysfunctional and unable to change or fit. (ODT)

 If Abbott Logic: applied to Abbott is wrong then it is when applied to  South Sudanese Australians. It’s bigoted racist and is simply wrong because Tony Abbott is a member of our Australian political sysytem.

Mr Abbott said Sudanese-born people in Victoria constituted less than 0.1 per cent of the population, but were responsible for “well over” 1 per cent of all crimes committed in that state, and were 57 times more likely to commit aggravated robbery than the general population. ( no mention by Abbott that recidivism and multiple charges of a few skews these stats)
“So there is a problem,” he said. “It’s an African gang problem, and the Victorian socialist government should get real and own up to the fact that there is an African gang problem in Melbourne.”

Mr Abbott called into question the integration of all African migrants.

“I guess the big question though is: why do we store up trouble for ourselves by letting in people who are going to be difficult, difficult to integrate?” he asked.

‘There is a problem’: Tony Abbott questions all African immigration amid gang violence debate