Lush Cosmetics admits to underpaying thousands of staff


Conservatives and the likes of the IPA claim these are exceptional infractions and far from systemic. However when the system is shaken there’s an overabundant number good corporate people found to be screwing thousands of better Australian workers for an improved bottom line, their shareholders and their own personal pockets. Dominos Pizza sees a gap 400 times larger than the average wage and it’s franchisees are struggling to make that average wage. That’s not just a widening gap that’s an abyss as well paid for by franchisees conned into the idea they are business owners and not just workers. (ODT)

Cosmetics giant Lush has underpaid more than 5000 retail and manufacturing workers across Australia, internal investigations have found, prompting the company to launch a national back-pay scheme valued at $2 million.

The large-scale underpayments, publicly revealed on Tuesday, was due to “serious payroll system errors” stretching back eight years, Lush Australia director Peta Granger said.

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