Trump baffles as he divides – but Russia inclination offers a clue


In response Steve Schmidt, the Republican strategist who ran John McCain’s presidential campaign, shot back: “It does if you consider the unthinkable. If he behaves like a Russian asset maybe it’s because he is one.”
The suggestion that Trump might be acting in the interests of Russia rather than the United States has become one of the weirder marks of this very weird presidency. It is a notion that keeps arising not only because of the ongoing investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, but because it is one of the only ways to make consistent sense of what passes for Trump’s foreign policy.

Since taking office Trump has taken every opportunity to undermine the international mechanisms that the United States forged in the wake of World War II. These are Russian foreign policy objectives, but not ones put forward by either Democratic or Republican parties.

“Worst day for US foreign policy since the invasion of Iraq? For sure,” tweeted the prominent foreign policy observer David Rothkopf. “Worst for the Western alliance since middle of WWII? Probably.”

via Trump baffles as he divides – but Russia inclination offers a clue