Jewish group complains to ABC boss over ‘massive omission’ on Gaza rocket attack

Israel not only spreads propaganda but actively tries to interfere with the world’s media that doesn’t report it. It invests in and uses world media like MEMRI TV to put out fake news on their behalf hiding their investment.

Mainstream media around the world didn’t express any level outrage in Israel’s massacre NYT actually apologized for under reporting of over 120 Palestinians killed in fact they whitewashed the wounding of 13,000 +, leaving over 300 in intensive care and 27 amputees and Israel isn’t satisfied.  How stupid drawing attention to themselves yet again.When no injuries occurred and rockets were fired by both sides.

Israel’s agents in Australia have erupted on the behalf of the Zionist state simply because they didn’t get the attention they felt they deserved to make Israel’s actions look justified. OMG you should have heard what the Palestinians were yelling from the death side of that fence in Gaza that alone justified the sniper bullets of death. No Israel through its agents have demanded the attention they think they deserve to justify their  fishbowl slaughter.

I’m sorry Hamas can’t control all its agents just as Israel can’t control all their snipers who decided to kill,press medics nurses children and women. We know however the order to kill was given carte blanche but we don’t know that was the same for the firing of rockets by Hamas. Again we know the order to retaliate was given by Israel’s top brass. Is Israel the only country in the world that is given the get out of jail free card and allowed to simply say “oops” and hope nobody will notice when people are butchered? Do they deserve front page attention only when nobody is hurt? Good on the ABC they made the right choice. (ODT)

AIJAC executive director Colin Rubenstein said the public broadcaster had exhibited a “serious lack of balance” by declining to cover one of the largest rocket attacks against Israel in many years.

Source: Jewish group complains to ABC boss over ‘massive omission’ on Gaza rocket attack