Gaza: Operation Slingshot

By 15 May, more than 3,500 Palestinians had been shot in the legs, compared with 563 in the head and neck (surely an intention to kill). That is a very high casualty count in one part of the anatomy.

‘Medics on the ground say Israeli forces are shooting at demonstrators with a new type of round — never seen before — known as the “butterfly bullet”, which explodes upon impact, pulverising tissue, arteries and bone, while causing severe internal injuries.’

Given this, why has Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop failed to censure Israel in the United Nations? Why can’t she show a tiny fraction of the courage of the Palestinians under fire during the Great March of Return?

Meanwhile, Britain’s Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry told the House of Commons:

“And if we are in any doubt, Mr Speaker, about the lethal incident of Israeli snipers working on the border, I’m afraid we only have to look at the  wounds suffered by their victims.”

via Gaza: Operation Slingshot