At 70, as Apartheid Sets in, Israel faces a new Threat: Itself

Arab Israelis, who make up some 17.5 percent of the population and largely sympathise with the Palestinians, have also become more politically active.

Looming over the debate is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An increasing number of Israeli right-wing politicians openly oppose a two-state solution and talk of wanting to annex most of the West Bank.

There are warnings that will lead to “apartheid” since, under those scenarios, Palestinians would presumably not be granted equal rights.

One of Israel’s leading authors, David Grossman, argued in a recent speech that an “apartheid reality” had already been created through the occupation.

“Israel was established so that the Jewish people, who have nearly never felt at home in the world, would finally have a home,” Grossman said.

“And now, 70 years later, strong Israel may be a fortress, but it is not yet a home.”

via At 70, as Apartheid Sets in, Israel faces a new Threat: Itself