Iran Deal: Trump’s Withdrawal Will Have Major Consequences – Rolling Stone

Negotiated in July 2015, the deal, officially dubbed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, stipulated that Iran rid itself of nuclear fuel if the United States waived sanctions that had been crippling the nation’s economy. As part of the deal, a UN nuclear agency would monitor Iran’s fidelity to the agreement and, thus far, the agency has determined that Iran has complied. After 10 years, restrictions on research and development would lighten, and after 15 years, Iran would be able to produce nuclear fuel, but not in service of a weapons program. Along with the lack of a provision preventing Iran from testing ballistic missiles, this “sunset clause” has been pointed to by Trump as one of the principle reasons the deal is a “disaster.”

Here are three immediate takeaways from Trump’s decision today.

1. Iran is now free to build a nuclear bomb

2. Trump’s decision will likely alienate allies

3. The abandonment may hinder an impending deal with North Korea


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