South African revolutionaries call Dutton’s bluff


South African revolutionaries call Dutton’s bluff

The Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania has called on Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to “come to our country and collect all his fellow racists who feel that they cannot live together with normal people and go live where they are accepted in that unbecoming society”.

“This follows Dutton’s call to fast-track visa applications by white South African farmers who he said were facing “horrific circumstances” of being murdered and having their land taken away.

He said they deserved to be resettled in a “civilised country”, a clear slur on South Africa.

He said they would be “hard-working and not become dependent on welfare”, a clear slur on non-white refugees accepted into Australia.

He said “They’re the sorts of migrants that we want to bring into our country,” a clear slur on the unfortunates stranded in Nauru and in Papua New Guinea.

He said all of this after only recently stating that Australia should further reduce the number of migrants coming to Australia.”

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