Fox uses flawed data from DHS to fearmonger about immigrants

One needs to ask why 1.4% of crime in Australia is being given so much political attention by Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull and the 98.6% is being ignored and why Victoria and Melbourne is their focus when crime and youth crime in the state has had a dramatic fall. Is it because Sudanese are Black? Is it because they are Christians or is it because Victoria is a Labor State? After all, Qld Dutton’s home state has 50% more youth crime and on the rise and is less populated than Victoria and NSW Turnbull’s has 150% more crime. Why is their political and racist focus so obvious? Is this the caliber of politicians this country needs? Don’t look for the answers in Murdoch’s media. (old dog thought)

Fox uses flawed data from DHS to fearmonger about immigrants