‘We’re not a gang’: the unfair stereotyping of African-Australians | Australia news | The Guardian


The end of the Sandown Lions' first training session of the season

“Each new report of apparent African gang crime brings forth a wave of social media commentary calling for suspected gang members and their families to be deported, dealt with by vigilante groups, or even lynched.

“Anytime that I choose to speak, every time that I want to say something publicly, I have to decide whether I am ready to deal with the bigoted and the racist backlash,” Nyuon says. “It is stifling.”

Andrew Bolt is a first responder when it comes to the media and he defines the South Sudanese as he does the Indigenous of Australia and even you and me and claims he’s entitled to his narrative as he is however his his elite position in the media and Fakenews Corp tears away the equal playing field. Bolt holds his position on a daily basis the South Sudanese voice or narrative is lucky if it gets a hearing once a year and if and when it does because it hasn’t the advantage of the repetiton  given Bolt and his ilk it simply doesn’t get heard and that what Bolt claims to be the  legitimate structure of free speech in the social market. He denies any attempt that attempts to redress his privilege within the system in particular the ABC or any other Institutional public authority that simply qusestions what he has to say particularly those he is talking about. It’s what makes this article so important.

via ‘We’re not a gang’: the unfair stereotyping of African-Australians | Australia news | The Guardian

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