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As with all things associated with disclosure and transparency in Australia, the ‘process’ is as clear as mud. It does seem, however, that the AEC is being used by politicians to pursue an agenda. This is now a common theme in Australia, the politicization of government agencies.And, right on cue, the Australian Federal Police have conducted raids on Australian Workers Union offices in Melbourne and Sydney. The investigation relates to whether donations made to activist group GetUp were authorised under union rules. The AFP issued a statement confirming they were carrying out the raids on behalf of the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC), the independent regulator of unions and employer associations. Instead they’ve gone for the circus of involving the AFP — who are just doing their jobs — and executing a search warrant for documents that had they asked for, requested, or served the notice to produce, we would have willingly provided them.

Source: GetUp vs the IPA – » The Australian Independent Media Network