The ‘No surprises here’ case | The Saturday Paper

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott tells us that marriage was created for the safety of women and children.

There is a simple reason for his unpopularity: very few people want what he wants. The Australia of his imagination is largely uninhabitable. It is a place of exclusion and nihilistic priorities. This is quite deliberate. Power for people such as Abbott is about disenfranchising anyone who is not like them.

There is no real place for a person such as Abbott in contemporary society, which is why he is still in the parliament. Business would not have him and nor would the community sector. The church in which he first discovered his failings could not find room for him among its charities.

Abbott is a man contemptuous of the planet on which he lives. He is fearful of equality and totally unfeeling in his rejection of it.

Source: The ‘No surprises here’ case | The Saturday Paper