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News Corp channel switch leaves ABC scrambling. Sky News owner has ABC dumped from TV listings in its newspapers. In case you had any doubt about what it means when media power is concentrated in the hands of one company, we’ll give you a little insight. The ABC’s 24-hour news channel, now called ABC News, used to appear in the TV listings of the News Corp metropolitan newspapers along with all the other free-to-air channels. The Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun have always listed ABC News alongside ABC2, Nine, 7TWO and all the rest.That was until News Corp ordered that ABC News should no longer appear in the listings and should be replaced by Sky News programming. Sky sees ABC News as a serious rival, openly campaigning for the public broadcaster to drop its investment in rolling news.Late last year Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp fully acquired the Australian News Channel – the parent company of Sky News, which was once jointly owned by BSkyB, Seven and Nine – and the competition hotted up.This is what ABC TV publicity staff were told when they asked editors at the production house Pagemasters about the sudden disappearance of the news channel listing. (Pagemasters is a one-stop shop for media production which both News Corp and Fairfax have used as an alternative to employing in-house subeditors.) “A few months back News Corp instructed Pagemasters to remove ABC News and insert Sky News for all of their metro publications,” a Pagemasters editor told the ABC staffer. “You will need to contact them directly in regards to any issues your viewers have with not being able to view the ABC News programming.”ABC News reaches 14% of the metropolitan population weekly versus 3% for Sky News.

Source: News Corp channel switch leaves ABC scrambling to get with the program | The Weekly Beast | Media | The Guardian