Yassmin Abdel-Magied on becoming ‘Australia’s most publicly hated Muslim’

Andrew Bolt in jackboots took the News Corp Bently out for a spin and drove it over a great young Australian just like the mindless Charlottesville embarrassment James Alex Fields. Yes, Bolt is also an Australian, however, the worst face of us a Neanderthal who has and is doing nothing for Australia’s future. Lest we forget…( Olddog )

“The executives may have been unimpressed but Ash Palairet, Abdel-Magied’s drilling supervisor in 2015 on a Shell offshore rig three-and-a-half hours by chopper off the West Australian coast, is among her biggest fans. He says she excelled at her work and was also a natural leader who dealt well with the rig’s blokey atmosphere. “She’s still young but she’s destined for something big. She breaks down barriers and lifts our awareness as a society. She’s pushing the buttons of the establishment, and letting the rest of us be the judge of their responses.”Abdel-Magied, who arrived on the rigs with orange nail polish to match her hi-vis vest, says she loved her offshore workmates, despite their sometimes offensive talk and different political views. “Through all of the stuff that has happened to me, I’ve got messages from these blokes who you might think vote for One Nation, saying ‘Hey, we’ve got your back, we’ve been defending you,’ ” she says. “I was proud to call them family.”

Source: Yassmin Abdel-Magied on becoming ‘Australia’s most publicly hated Muslim’