How to Avoid Being Labeled a Conspiracy Theorist

Here’s a news flash: Some Americans are not very bright. They’re easily influenced. They believe that The New York Times and The Washington Post, two eminent newspapers of record, are purveyors of fake news because the president says so. The conversation ought not to be fake news. It ought to be about how we ended up with a fake president.With that said, we can all guard against unfounded conspiracy theories. Just do your own research. Sure, there will always be incorrect stories that make their way into the media. But we have to question everything and do the research. Seek out experts. Look for competing theories, follow the facts and reach your conclusions based on the facts, not on what you read on Facebook or on some fringe message board.But whatever you do, try not to believe anything this president says.

Source: How to Avoid Being Labeled a Conspiracy Theorist