Drowning in White privilege

In 2014, a terminally ill woman was gaoled for unpaid fines of $3,622 and, rather than receiving urgent medical care, was treated with derision and contempt before dying — her family learning through the coronial inquest that her death was preventable but there was no action taken against those who failed her so grossly.In 2015, a White man was given an 18-month suspended sentence and six months in home detention for driving under the influence of methamphetamine hitting and killing Aboriginal boy – Jack Sultan-Page – and it was followed by calls by Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda seeking reform after the baffling sentence.There was no reform and no change.On 16 August 2016, an innocent Aboriginal woman was placed in a police cell in Maitland, presumed intoxicated, before dying five hours later. The police took an additional six hours to notify her family and although police could not explain why she was placed in the cell. An investigation revealed she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time and no explanation of a failure to render medical care was forthcoming.Thirteen days later, Elijah Doughty was mown down by a White man, who placed more import on a piece of property than a child’s life and the criminal justice system so egregiously failed him that the killer may walk free next February after being convicted of a traffic offence.

Source: Drowning in White privilege