Conservative media misinformation leads to violent threats against professors| Andrew Bolt’s been “Raising Cain” against specific Individuals in universities, the ABC, and other Australian institutions for years. It’s the Murdoch way of “free speech”

“If you make trouble you are raising, that is, conjuring up, the accursed spirit of Cain. This is similar to several phrases that allude to calling-up or ‘raising’ the Devil. There’s ‘raise the Devil’ of course and also ‘raise hob’ and ‘raise hell’.”

Universities that fail to protect professors against the dishonest misinformation campaigns of conservative media are complicit in the rise in violent right-wing rhetoric on college campuses. A statement from AAUP, reported by the Chronicle, highlights the risk: “Threatening messages are likely to stifle free expression and cause faculty and others on campus to self-censor so as to avoid being subjected to similar treatment.” The conservative media that create the environment for these threats — and the mainstream media outlets that fail to aggressively counter this misinformation — are also at fault in creating less safe and less open universities.

Source: Conservative media misinformation leads to violent threats against professors