Bolt never stops being a self serving one trick pony


If a parent keeps telling their  children not to speak to strangers  risks the development of inappropriate fear in their children. Social Psychology and Socialization theory tells us abuse breeds abuse, fear breeds fear. Andrew Bolt  a fear monger

Bolt protests antisemitism more than a Jew. He draws attention to it more than an antisemite. He attacks Islam more than people under threat of Islamists do. Israelis don’t  denigrate Islam Jews don’t Bolt does. Yazidis lived in the Iraq region 700 years they were accomodated as were Aramaic Christians. ISIL came to being and and changed that. Bolt simply says “see what Islam is doing”. He is the KKK who blames the black race for  smiling at his daughter. He’s the man who says it’s in the ‘nature’ of a Muslim if their angered when he calls them degenerate towel heads that don’t belong here.

Bolt drags out obscure selective pieces of evidence to prove his meaningless points. Basically he believes Islam is an inferior Culture which gives rise to inferior outcomes in their personal behavior.  He quotes a psychiatrist  Tanveer Ahmed anecdotal report of  “Muslims must face up to some bad apples “

Well given psychiatric training is generally pharmacological in it’s approach to mental illness and less social or psychological  Tanveer Ahmed is merely passing an opinion about parents of prisoners. He fails to mention that Lebanese are 7th per capita on ethnic groups in Australian prisons. That the top 4 after Aborigines are  all Christian.  So what’s Bolt’s point he never really does cut mustard. Tanveer Ahmed might well have said that Christian parents must face up to bad apples as they have more kids in jail than Muslims per capita New Zealanders, Samoans Tongans British etc.

What a gloat he is having at the moment Mike Carleton is being investigated under section 18C. Bolt also suggests his  leftie friends are there to rally behind him. Of course Bolt had no friends to do so for him when charged I believe. He railed against the Jewish community, prosecutor &   judge all Jewish  of him at the time and hints it will be the support and strength of the left that will get Carleton off. Nothing to do with the law was it Andrew.

Bolt holds himself up as the defender of the Jewish race.Yet he has re-posted the SMH  offending cartoon more times than anyone else. He raises the issue of antisemitism more times than anybody else and declares himself as Israel’s  greatest media defender. He  is so self serving.

Yesterday he allowed his supporters to suggest 2.2 – 2.8 billion Muslims  worldwide,that 28 million were dangerous fanatics and the numbers were on the rise. Sorry the updated count is 1.6 billion 60 different nationalities and 134 different languages not that unified. 317 mill in the Middle East and Nth Africa. The total number of fundamentalists being 15-20k only in Iraq. They are actually in coalition with Baathist and Sunni tribes  to get rid of the current government however it’s a temporary alliance of convenience. This is  more a civil war than an Islamic move for expansion. Terror is a weapon used  and abused in all wars think PolPot, Stalin Uganda Bosnia etc etc. It’s not peculiarly Islamic