Media Malpractice and Information War in Ukraine | The Nation

Press conference with President Volydymyr Zelensky

Scott Morrison announced “Ukrainians were automatically “refugees” and would go “straight to the top of the ladder” shows he;s a recist ethnicist and elitist. Iraqis , Aghanis, or Africans and definitely those who arrived by boat are different. They are “illegals”, first and even if “asylum seekers” they will never be settled here or even make it to Morrison’s ladder in total contravention to the International convention which we signed. Even the ACL the Australian Christian Lobby took umbrage at Morrison’s un Christian, Racist and Ethnicist announcement that suggested Ukrainians are somewhat an exception when it came to need. But that’s Scott Morrison who picks up a ukelele and can’t play. He  has a history of takink on jobs he simply hasn’t the DNA or capacity to do and it’s readily ovbious for all to see.

This double standard is all the more apparent in how prominent journalists have discussed the war. CBS reporter Charlie D’Agata apologized after describing Ukraine as “civilized” compared to places like Iraq or Afghanistan, but he is far from alone. Others have similarly expressed shock that a war could happen outside a “third world nation” to people who “seem so like us.” In response to such examples, the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association released a statement condemning “orientalist and racist” rhetoric and demanded that newsrooms apply the same consideration to all victims of war.

Source: Media Malpractice and Information War in Ukraine | The Nation