ABC Senate inquiry on knife edge as advocate backs review

ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose has accused Senator Andrew Bragg of political interference of the broadcaster after he sought a Senate inquiry into the ABC’s complaints processes.

The very notion of ridding us of the ABC was once a “dead cat ” on the table. It too started as a “distraction” just as changing Voter ID laws are suggested to be. However, that “dead cat” has been alive for more than 20 years and in fact, has grown into a feral zombie of a tiger feeding on the ABC. It has reduced our most trusted newscaster’s budget by a billion dollars leaving it with the equivalent of 1984’s to work with. Bragg’s inquiry is not only dominated by the LNP and has only one intent ” to ilegally cripple our the ABC”.

The fate of Senator Andrew Bragg’s inquiry into the way the ABC and SBS handle complaints will be decided in a matter of days, with two independent senators and the Labor Party signalling they would support a motion by the Greens to terminate it. But Dhanya Mani, a campaigner against misconduct towards women, backed the inquiry, saying it would be a better alternative to the ABC’s independent review.

Source: ABC Senate inquiry on knife edge as advocate backs review