Fox Pushes For Rittenhouse To Sue Biden, Media, For Defamation | Crooks and Liars

Fox Pushes For Rittenhouse To Sue Biden, Media, For Defamation

Murdoch and the IPA want to rid us of the ABC because it interrupts their business model and the LNP want to be the tool that Americanises Australia. Rids us of the ABC, Introduces Voter suppression laws, dilutes Universal Franchisement, reforms and relaxes our gun laws, and really wants to rid us of compulsory voting. Every body knows you don’t rig elections by adding extra votes they’re rigged by vote reduction and the voter ID laws proposed are there to do that in a election process that has never seen widespread fraud. The LNP simply want the indigeneous, migrant, aged, homeless and marginalised filtered because they are the most likely not to vote for them.

The next biggest crime against democracy in America was passing a law that allowed corporations to be regarded as persons but not convicted as such.They could act openly as political entities and openly fund those they support. Coupled with Capitalist Corporate Consolidation of the 4th Estate. Cash for comment” is now largely in control of America’s opinion echosystem. Murdoch Media is the largest practitioner and does it in plain sight. Rupert Murdoch learned and finessed it in 70s Australia and applied it against Whitlam.

Payola was banned in the American music industry in 1960s. Without a trusted Independent Public Broadcaster, America was ripe to suffer the biases of those who can pay. Generally concentrated at the top it flowed at election time. However, with the rise of billionaires and trillion dollar wealth and that corporations are legally regarded as persons, it’s now constant and permanent investment in their bottom line. A cycle of mutual support unable to be offered by Democrats. Yes, Democracy has been knobbled. The constant messaging is there to attract that flow of money when it counts. We saw Trump using it and turn to the internet a tent shows for the smaller dollars fed not into the Republican coffers but his own and he used it loudly and proudly without censure. His Presidency was one constant campaigning a constant rating exercise dangling sticks or dollars to the media.  Money rarely is a 2 way street when messaging counts, particularly if it gushes from the top down like oil polluting the once democratic experiment America.

The pundits on Fox “news” seem to have a bad case of selective amnesia if they really believe Rittenhouse has grounds to sue for being called a white supremacist. The network has been running one segment after another similar to the one above, and articles on their website such as this one ever since Rittenhouse was acquitted: Rittenhouse could have potential defamation case against Biden over White supremacist tweet, expert says. Missing from any of their commentary… the fact that Rittenhouse was caught palling around with white supremacists at a Kenosha County tavern and photographed flashing the white power sign while posing with them. Somehow that little tidbit never manages to make its way into the hyperbolic commentary on Fox, insisting that Rittenhouse has been smeared by Biden, CNN and MSNBC, and as Cheri Jacobus noted on Twitter:

Fox Pushes For Rittenhouse To Sue Biden, Media, For Defamation | Crooks and Liars