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Suddenly, Tucker Carlson Wants Media Accountability

19-year-old crosses State lines with a loaded weapon to attend a demonstration “without intent” and shoots 3 people in his way. No, 3 people jump in the way of his bullets. Fox News demand that he be regarded as the innocent victim.

America seems to have lost its 4th estate and with it its freedoms. When it allowed the capitalist consolidation of its media into so few corporate hands with no real Independent Public Broadcaster it became a cash for comment society.

Murdoch fled Australia for the UK because we were too small for his ambitions and he was already the dominant player of the 70s. He fled the UK in the 80s, having done the Alan Bond ” I’m too sick to old” routine and escaped jail. The UK rules were too stringent and he’d  crossed the line.

So he settled for the capitalist dream and “anything-goes” freedom of America” without giving up either the UK or Aus. America offered him the ability to apply his business growth model to become the dominant influencer in the Anglo cash-for comment global market while pretending to offer news. Murdoch single handedly polluted the grand experiment in Democracy that had started 400 years before called the USA. Capitalism was his tool he didn’t invent it but he sure as hell accellerated it with his buy into cable technology, entertainment, sport, news and cash for comment. Murdoch went even a step further and globalised it through Anglosphere turning comment in the guise of news into the biggest PR bemoth.

Now, because a white 19-year-old is waiting to see if he’s convicted of murder, Carlson is calling for media accountability to tell the truth. Watching this segment one has to wonder if he killed irony. He’s certainly killed fact-based journalism.

Source: Suddenly, Tucker Carlson Wants Media Accountability | Crooks and Liars