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Image of Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Sydney today. Image © Dean Lewins / AAP Images

Tha ABC is an Independant Statuary Body protected under our Constitution that Morrison has reduced to a “nobody” Under our constitution even our governments are open to more scrutiny. In fact wasn’t that the sole reason the ABC was established in the first instance to scrutinise those in power. Currently Morrison is trying to rush an increased Voter ID Bill through parlaiment as if voter fraud was a problem in Australia. Next it will be ridding us of compulsory voting. There is an apparent rush to Americanise Australia’s political system. Morrison is certainly working for someone but it’s certainly not the Australian people.

But when asked about Buttrose’s criticism in his latest electioneering press conference, the PM insisted the inquiry was a normal process. “There is nobody above the scrutiny of the Senate,” he proclaimed. “I don’t know why they would consider themselves an exception to business as usual,” said the leader of a government that regularly treats itself as an exception to the rule, and has done all it can to prevent scrutiny of its actions, ministers and policies.

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