Biden Address: Deception

Biden's Inaugural Address: An Exercise in Mass Deception. 64166.jpeg
Democracy is and always will be at a tipping point. It’s a process that needs to be respected by at least a majority

While Putin is arrresting 1000’s of it’s citizens Pravda is crying corocodile tears, no real tears, for its asset lost Donald. Will the Russians finance his incompetence amplifying theirs?

They’re beholden to dark forces controlling them. Will martial law be declared ahead on the phony pretext of foreign threats and domestic terrorism to counter? Will what remains of a free and open society be replaced by full-blown totalitarian rule, enforced by police state harshness? Make no mistake. Biden/Harris and members of their regime are enemies of ordinary people, hostile to their interests, wanting them exploited, not served. Along with likely escalated foreign aggression against one or more invented enemies, homeland despotism will likely harden on their watch for our own good we’ll likely be told.

Biden Address: Deception

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