The Australian bushfires have killed an estimated 1.25 billion animals

A kangaroo is seen at the Flinders Chase National Park during bushfires on Kangaroo Island.

Given the rate at which greenhouse gases and global warming have resulted in the change and the extreme intensity of global weather conditions, what chance has a future recovery of biodiversity now? Particularly when the events we are experiencing now has been exacerbated by modern man’s contribution to Climate Change and in the face of scientific evidence and warnings our leaders keep denying it.

Indigenous management or management of any kind will fail unless the reduction of fossil fuels is acknowledged and the rate of contribution that increased CO2 has made to the weather with it. The warnings and predictions were made globally for what’s occurring here, now, and were scoffed at incessantly by Rupert Murdoch’s media pundits across the English speaking world. Pretenders declaring themselves experts but deserve jailing for fake news. Surely if there is a case for a class action against financial advisers there is one against Murdochians to be made? (ODT)

via The Australian bushfires have killed an estimated 1.25 billion animals