Israel Terror-Bombs Gaza After Declaring Ceasefire – Stephen Lendman

Police state America and apartheid Israel can never, never be trusted at any time, for any reasons, with no exceptions ever.

Negotiating with them on any issues is an act of futility and self-betrayal.

They operate by their own rules exclusively — extrajudicially, not lawfully, doing whatever they please, blaming victims for high crimes committed against them.

Last weekend, unprovoked Israeli terror-bombing killed and wounded Palestinians in Gaza, others in Damascus.

Terror-bombing Gaza continued for a second day. After both sides agreed to a ceasefire, Israel preemptively resumed terror-bombing.

At least 34 Palestinians were killed, largely civilians, including women and children, over 100 others injured — the latest example of Israeli Nuremberg-level high crimes, unpunished each time committed.

Rockets fired from Gaza at Israel virtually always are in response to Israeli aggression — self-defense when attacked, permitted under international law.

UN Charter Article 51 affirms it, stating:

via Israel Terror-Bombs Gaza After Declaring Ceasefire – Stephen Lendman

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