The one-hour week and other damned lies in our job statistics

How we measure and talk about unemployment matters. Yet many politicians, pundits and the public remain fixated on pure data, measured by a near 60-year-old International Labour Organisation standard – if you work for at least “one hour” a week you are “employed”.. Yet the idea that unemployment is 5 per cent and employment is equal to one hour’s work is laughable. Real fake news.

Any new definition of employment must be based on the ability of a citizen and her or his dependants to earn a “living wage”, not some outdated “minimum wage”. Rather, it should be a version of our nation’s famous 1907 Harvester judgment, that a “fair and reasonable” wage must take into account the “normal needs of the average employee regarded as a human being living in a civilised community”, crafted for this precariat age.

Our job statistics are broken. It’s time to #changethestats.

Just listen to Morrison Lie (ODT)

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