‘Kill myself or leave’: female surgeons reveal horrifying conditions

This must be the Liberal Party declaring it’s the way it’s always been done therefore the best way. She’s just the Julia Banks of surgery. (ODT)

Some surgeons claim the problem is the “feminisation” of the specialty and believe the new generation of surgeons should “man-up” as previous generations have done.

Bullying, sexual abuse, extreme work hours and fatigue were key reasons women gave up their life-long ambitions of becoming surgeons, an Australian and UK study published on Friday has found.

Women make up roughly 60 per cent of medical students in Australia and New Zealand, yet just 11 per cent of consultant surgeons are female. Women are also leaving mid-surgical training in greater numbers than men, despite evidence that they may be more able applicants.

Kadota, 31, resigned from her unaccredited registrar position at Bankstown Hospital’s plastic and reconstructive surgery department after being made to work up to 24 consecutive days on-call.

She was dismissed as an “emotional female” and her pleas for support were ignored. Kadota crashed her car at the end of her last shift and was hospitalised for six weeks for sleep deprivation.

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