Best of Capitalism-Audios

Recent highlight interviews on capitalism.

Corey Pein examines work, death and disruption in the digital economy. [01:19]
Julie Wilson views life within, and beyond, the neoliberal frame. [47:38]
Nomi Prins explains how central banks became a global superpower. [1:32:46]
Pavo Jarvensivu and Terre Vaden explore near future economics of a world in climate crisis. [2:19:14]
Helena Norberg-Hodge looks towards localization, worldwide. [2:57:47]
Jeff Dorchen imagines a world that can no longer afford itself [3:44:13]

Geoff Mann and Joel Wainwright explore the possible political and economic futures of a planet under rapid climate change. [1:08]
Writer Maximillian Alvarez explores the sanctity of waste and ownership in the digital age. [50:36]
Policy researcher Stacy Mitchell examines the rise and risk of Amazon’s ascendant monopoly. [1:37:40]
Writer Adam Kotsko explains why we are all trapped in the moral logic of neoliberalism. [2:15:05]
Writer Pavlos Roufos dives deep into eight years of managed disaster for the Greek people under Europe’s austerity regime. [2:56:25]
In a moment of truth, Jeff Dorchen bites the invisible hand that feeds. [3:50:27]