Morrison seeks to subvert ‘foreign donation’ laws to protect L-NP donors

The State Government is blowing up over the Federal Coalition trying to intervene with its donation disclosure laws. The Commonwealth is joining an appeal to try to stop the LNP from declaring contributions of less than $13,500.

For mine, this means we need to be aware of their opportunistic and desperate attempts to make as many changes as they can before they are punted. This is usually in the form of top jobs on Government boards or entities to mates, legislation that looks innocuous but helps the party scam extra power, favours or cash, and of course the signing of heaps of contracts or consultancies to donors and other mates so the flow of Government funds to rent-seeking corporate donors and blood sucking “consultancy” firms are set in stone and can’t be changed by an incoming Government — think Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Foxtel handouts, times a hell of a lot more.

via Morrison seeks to subvert ‘foreign donation’ laws to protect L-NP donors