Red-tape protest: China’s tactical trade payback

The Chinese read our papers and listen to our public commentator’s opinions.  Andrew Bolt is an active and consistent News Corp China basher and the consequences aren’t just verbal coming back. Don’t forget Murdoch left or was kicked out of China where no love was lost and his style not forgotten.( ODT }

Australian business leaders said Chinese officials had been furious that China had been singled out for criticism and used as a means to score domestic political points.

One chief executive with close China ties said he had no doubt the trade difficulties being experienced by some Australian exporters was a deliberate tactical move by China.

Last year, China decided to boycott South Korea’s tourism industry due to Seoul’s installation of an American anti-missile system. Chinese tourism numbers to South Korea fell by 60 per cent in a matter of months and Korean car sales to China also plummeted.

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