Pastor Rapes Teen, Church Asks Victim To Apologize To Pastor’s Wife

To make matters worse for the young victim, officials at the Columbia Road Baptist Church blamed and shamed the girl, forbidding her entire family from attending services until she apologized to the youth pastor’s wife.

Australian Conservatives believe White Western Christian Culture is definitively Australian and should be in our Constitution. Ex President of Malaysia still believes Australian elite are Europhiles and aren’t an ASEAN nation. Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott agree as do media men like Andrew Bolt. If only 25% of Australians claim to be Christian and they consist of Indigenous, Pacific Islanders, Sudanese, Lebanese and other minorities logic dictates Conservatives are talking BS as they don’t welcome these immigrants or refugees into the country. It seems their 25% falls to much less than  18%. and if one considers their extreme factions as exceptional. These Conservatives have a voice which actually represents less than 3% of Australians. Ergo the are amouse that Murdoch allows to roar and their constituents are made up of Christians that appear as bent as radical Islamists but unfortunately have an easier pathway to guns in America and and advocate in Peter Dutton in Australia who wants our gun laws eased.( Old Dog Thought )


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