ADF conceals dark truth about Australia’s involvement in Middle East

left unsaid is the legality and morality of the conflict we were involved in, the irreparable damage done to innocent civilians who will remain strangers to us and the carnage left behind.

It’s hard to believe that, over three years, with 2,400 bombs, we allegedly took the lives of only eight people, including two children, and devastated their immediate family and friends.

It is worth noting the report published by NPR on 19 December 2017 that

‘… figures obtained by NPR from the Mosul morgue put the number of civilians killed [by the coalition, Iraqi forces or ISIS] at over 5,000. That is likely more than the number of ISIS fighters believed to have been in Mosul and presumed dead.’

The report also noted that

‘… months of vicious fighting – the battle started in October 2016 and ended in July 2017 – left destruction so extensive that U.S. commanders compare it to the World War II battle for Stalingrad.’


via ADF conceals dark truth about Australia’s involvement in Middle East