Tag team wrestlers Vanstone & Bolt Ugly as should be masked and gagged. Bolt tagged her argument she failed to name or shame him.

Illustration: Jim Pavlidis.

Fanatics, not Muslims, are our enemy

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Amanda Vanstone reminds us how in history we stood shoulder to shoulder with Muslims during various wars. That’s well and good and she reminds us that non-Muslim Australians would do well to ensure that any criticism is focused not on Muslims generally but on fanatical Muslims. Equally, Muslim Australians need to be loud, strong and clear in their condemnation of the fanatics.

This is a time to show disdain for the shock-jocks and jingo-junkies who whip up rednecks with their rubbish. In doing so, we will remind ourselves of the best of Australia.

The problem is that the fanatic shock-jocks at home the real dividers of this country are right in front of us and Vanstone fails to name and them. Which makes her gutless and she should be ashamed as she has the platform and the voice but fails to use it. “Shame” was an Ingmar Bergman film done in 1968 during the Vietnam war. It is about a couple who try to isolate themselves from a civil war that is going on around them by moving away as far as possible but get caught up in it nevertheless. It was about guilt  the Vietnam war and not doing anything. Not doing anything is supporting the worst and we all stand accused.

“Men, women and children — familiar like mine — are being burnt and blasted to death in Vietnam and I have absolutely no idea what may be happening to me and the few people I love ten years, five years, two months from now. SHAME is central to the experience we are living now”

Vanstone’s article ends where it should have begun naming and shaming those agents of hate Newscorp  2GB  those that are glorifying this war that is so complex that it defies any of our political class to explain it other than the futile slogan of annhilating ISIL.

Bolt, Devine,Henderson,Rule Jones are cloned Fox News media puppets that give rise to the shadows that our security forces find so hard to realize. They more than anybody amplify the darkness the doom and gloom portrayed by our current government for the past 20 years. The LNP has grabbed hold of a chicken little approach to  politics and these fear mongers do their bidding in amplifying it. Vanstone fails to name them which is as good as letting them be.

Bolt’s article in the Herald Sun today is written as if he was forewarned of Vanstone’s commentary in The Age. It’s a joke the man who has accused Islam outright for every evil that currently exists. That Islam is a stain on the way we live today turns around and merely says it’s only a  fringe element we need to be careful of. Vanstone and Bolt today are like two tag team wrestlers. Bolt has even used Vanstone’s words to name his favorite punching bag the ABC for disseminating hatred. If Vanstone didn’t tell him what her Age article was going to be then Bolt must feel smug that somebody at SMH is his mole. Bolt’s attempt today wear the halo is about as effective as putting on make up, lipstick and a dress and telling us he’s had a gender change. Either way  he is an extremely ugly human being. He tagged Vanstone and tried a hypocritical, tongue in cheek body slam.

“We cannot afford any more these shock jocks of the ABC, these inciters of hate”

Wholesale bombing, the pretense that the bombs  only harm  ISIS  a media made enemy is a total denial of what those bombs actually do. The damage done is as much as was done in  the missiling of Gaza or the bombing and napalming of commies in North Vietnam. To go in on the ground and fight the mythical ISIS is just as futile ISIS will dissolve to rise again somewhere else. You can’t fight an enemy you can’t identify but an enemy that can clearly identify us. All you  do is commit wholesale indiscriminant slaughter. That will only grow sympathy for a political ideology that gave birth to ISIS. The history of stupidity has shown us this.

We need to shut down the warmongers those that give life to this myth. We need to win the hearts and minds of those on the ground who wish to fight it and can see who the enemy is. ASIO finds sweet FA it’s  Islamic Australia that’s our best line of defense now that we have decided to poke the hornet’s nest.  The Arab nation states our allies are more aware of this than anyone.  Do you think for one second anyone of them would syndicate  Bolt’s news commentary. History will shame and blame Bolt that is inevitable Vanstone won’t.