Fairfax journo’s have become Hyenas fighting over the carcase to get a headline. Spawned by Andrew Bolt they are like Mr Smith in Matrix

Australian Media Spawned By Andrew Bolt have no compassion

The only place to deal withe the leader of this swarm is Section 18C of the RAD 


Bruce Giles AFP Commander said:

“He(Numan Haider hadn’t been monitored for a long time, it was very early days of investigation with this individual”

Totally ignored by these news hounds baying for a headline and grasping at any rumour that might come to their perverted imaginations.

That Numan had been on police radar for months,bullshit. That he planned to behead the two cops crap. That the young man was a full blown terrorist in constant communication with ISIL. In their kafkaesque media storm  they  have turned  this young 18 year old kid with no priors  into the devil. Their moronic reporting is doing what extremists want. Fairfax ought to be ashamed Newscorp is on par. Andrew Bolt has spawned print media morons everywhere. The image of Mr Smith in Matrix  has morphed into Andrew Boltcame  when I picked up this mornings paper.

The only sensible words heard  anywhere  were those of Gaith Krayem of the Islamic Council of Victoria

“brandishing a flag and making disparaging comments about agencies does not make someone a terrorist”

“Many young men of that age can be brash, angry and immature. None of those things make him a terrorist”

Not one single reporter or commentator many of them with kids of their own gave any creedance that this young man might just have been suffering from a mental illness.

The percentage of people meeting the criteria for diagnosis of a mental illness was highest in younger people, with the prevalence decreasing with age. Twenty-six per cent of 18-24 year olds had experienced a mental disorder, while only 5.9% of people aged 65 years and over had experienced a mental disorder. – See more at:

When for the past few years the papers have been full of the fact that mental illness is is increasingly prevalent amongst young men none of the reporting even gave it consideration. 26% of young men 18-24 no matter their religion suffer from a mental disorder.

This young man had all the markers of a psychotic breakdown which had been building up for some time.

  • He was extremely stressed because he’d broken up with his girlfriend who was extremely important in his life some months before. A common trigger in the onset of a mental breakdown among young men.
  • His friends indicated that he’d changed. That he  had become withdrawn and really didn’t want to talk.
  • Neighbuours said he was quite removed just nodded when they passed
  • He had left the “extremist” group months before which was yet another an indication of his withdrawl
  • His parents didn’t know what he was doing  he wasn’t talking to them  another sign of withdrawl.
  • He was paranoid  and angry as he’d  only just had a confrontation with police on the 18th of September. Bruce Giles head of the ADF comment above says it clearly that he’d just come on their radar.
  • He had a strong relationship with god. Not uncommon in mental illness.
  • He was by and large a normal Aussie kid.

The above are all telling signs of a young man suffering from a mental illness rather than the fanciful idea of being a heroic  over idealised terrorist. Gaith Krayem of the Islamic council of Victoria seems to be the only one quoted by the media that is the voice of reason and more-over compassion in the circumstance for everyone involved

Andrew Bolt has kids he should be so lucky as to not have one of his sons come down with a mental illness so crippling that something like this occurs. Any of the other media fuckwits that claim to have half a brain should have considered this possibility. They have certainly gone down in my eyes.   Christian,Muslim,Seikh or Buddhist are not immune to the crippling effects of Paranoid Schizophrenia,Schizo-Affective Disorder, Chronic Bi-Polar Episodes, or Devastating Depression which can bring about psychosis.

I’m sure some of the above media dolts suffer or have suffered from a mental disorder at some time in their life. Or that they have experienced the effects of it in others yet none  even considered the possibility of it climbing over themselves for the headline. I’m certain Andrew Bolt more than any of you knows what mental illness is …no compassion, blinkered tunnel vision, inflexibility, inability to listen are also symptoms