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When Shit Happens

 He knows how to address an enemy but can’t lead his troops

Abbott used to taunt  Kevin Rudd with Kevin 747 because of his penchant for travel however Abbott will have had the same number as Rudd in his first year.

It seems he is running away from domestic politics particularly his budget and his treasurer Joe Hockey.

 “There wouldn’t be many occasions in living memory when a Prime Minister was asked to defend his Treasurer in Question Time and sat silent. That said it all about this Prime Minister who doesn’t want to be near his Treasurer or his Budget. That stood apart from everything else this week.”

 “Is the only reason the Prime Minister is holding on to this hopeless and incompetent Treasurer to make him a human shield for this unfair budget? Isn’t it time for the Prime Minister to either dump his Treasurer or dump the budget”    Bill Shorten

Abbott remained silent and didn’t budge. But the prime minister has been central to all major policy.He chaired the committee from which the budget grew. The prime minister opened each meeting of that razor gang committee with an outline of the ideological, political and economic guideposts that would apply, according to people present. He was firm in enforcing them.

As Bill Shorten has decided to wage a full onslaught against the budget Abbott has withdrawn to the area of National Security an area which Bill Shorten will not criticize. So Abbott confronting Islamic State terrorism, standing up to Russia’s Putin and joining Obama’s Iraq mission has become his field of preference even though a bit player it draws positive spin.

The short life of the Abbott government shows how quickly events can turn for the moment National Security is a political assett for Abbott like Border protection he needs to keep it that way.

The  Bush invasion unseated Saddam Hussein, who operated a brutal regime but a stable country.The

enthroned Nouri Al-Maliki, who operated a brutal regime and a deeply unstable country.Maliki spent years conducting a low-intensity civil war against the country’s Sunnis. So when Sunni-based Islamic State fighters swept back from Syria into Iraq, the Sunnis in Iraq’s army were not about to fight them. The Sunnis in the ranks quietly walked away. Four divisions in Iraq’s army simply collapsed turned and joined the other side.

Abbott supporters like Andrew Bolt want a war or at least posture as if Abbott does. Obama is constantly belittled by Bolt. However if one considers the rapid growth of support for ISIS a mixed Sunni coalition brought together because of two brutal Shia governments one might better understand Obama’s position.

In the meantime Abbott is going to continue to play the war time leader trying to put all his past mistakes into forgotten memory.

How quickly it begins. Holiday Departures

Why didn’t it make the front page news that the Federal Government paid for new airline tickets for a young Melbourne couple travelling to Malaysia on holiday? Why was the husband  removed from the flight and questioned for five hours before being released? Is this too going to be a matter of secrecy ‘an on land matter’? Or is this mornings report in The Age fantasy?It does however highlight a number of issues but mainly our Intelligence.

Thousands of Australian Muslims will be going on annual pilgrimage to Mecca next month. Thousands how will security deal with this without looking like  unintelligent fools. Double pay  all their airline tickets or just pick someone at random? If anybody is caught carrying a newspaper  reporting  Middle East news will they be stopped even worse if the paper is in Arabic a language border patrol can’t read.

Intelligence doesn’t have enough room  or personnel to hold the 1000’s of Australian Muslim suspects even 100 would be difficult. Intelligence could ferry them to  detention centres or Team Australia recruiting offices. After all it’s what we did with German and Japanese Australians during WW2. However we don’t have the Intelligence to question these would be travelers as officers aren’t sufficiently qualified yet.

Scott Morrison assured radio listeners that those with legitimate reasons for traveling should not be concerned. Well going on holiday to Malaysia it seems an  insufficient reason to be stopped. Maybe the young man looked a little pissed at the untrained official asking why he was going and that’s why he was questioned for 5 hours.

“I would expect my agencies to be acting with sensitivity and common sense regardless of who they are,where they are from,and where they are travelling” Scott Morrison

Five people have been stopped recently and prevented from leaving the country. Do we know on what grounds of course not. If I was leaving Australia and had reports about ISIS on my ipad in order to get a better understanding of what was going on would I be stopped and questioned ?

Instead of hassling Australian citizens wouldn’t ASIO, Border Protection make better use of their Intelligence gathering for National Security   by taking in for questioning the  Andrew Bolts of this world who are stirring up a hornets nest of ethnic and religious hatred. for political support. Maybe it was time the media was examined on the front page about its constant scare-mongering and the dividing the people of this country. How is Andrew Bolt’s anti Muslim stance supporting the notion of  a united Australia it stands juxtaposed  to being the ‘most livable’ and ‘most friendly’ country. I certainly see no Intelligence in questioning citizens in and out of this country. It’s going to fuck airline profits, and worse threaten our 3rd or 4th largest export education both employment and fee wise. Now that’s Intelligence

SHUSH Abbott too much crowing about National Security…..It’s a secret Mother…..r

How many of these certificates will be signed Tony Abbott after his poll status has gone up

How original is Tony Abbott and his merry men on their recruitment drive?

Why splash National Security action all over the media is Abbott hoping for a home grown event. We have government ministers lining up to tell us that Australia is ready to join the US in Iraq; a very broad statement that tells us nothing specific, but does succeed in mobilizing the minds of the ‘gung-ho’ brigade.”

It’s been year full of gaffes, embarrassment and a budget disaster the government needs a deflection to draw attention away from it’s failings and the rumblings in it’s ranks. What better than an illusion of a threat. How original how bright. Margret Thatcher always said if in crisis governments create a crisis to hide their crisis.

 “A terror suspect has been arrested by a new anti-terror squad attempting to leave Melbourne Airport with at least one other person, and is suspected of going to fight in a conflict abroad.” David Irvine

“new Australian Customs and Border Protection counter-terrorism units were now operating in Sydney and Melbourne international airports.” Tony Abbott

 “This government will do everything that is necessary to keep this country safe.”  Tony Abbott

Abbott’s announcement came after ASIO Director General David Irvine’s  assisting Abbott to draw our attention elsewhere. While the media lapped it up for a second nothing more has been said why? Abbott is sabre rattling  a show  for us but big brother US of A isn’t racing to action. But Bolt and the Murdoch Press are on board trying to lift this leaner telling us how well he operates on this international level. Are we to believe our Tony is a major adviser to the all big players?

If the government wanted to be truly effective in its efforts to protect us from any terrorist threat, would it not be more prudent to do it without a megaphone? After all, that is what they are doing with border security.”

Why are they making such a noise about combating terrorism? Ram ping up a perceived threat, as has been happening recently, is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to win back votes. It achieves no other purpose, except to alert possible terrorists to be more vigilant and to be on their game.

 [The prime minister] is just using this as a shield

Our pivot of the pacific draws our attention to the Ukraine and the Middle East. Abbott believes he has a winner; with National Security. Will anybody raise  the fact that Abbott has just given up 40 years of goodwill created by the ABC within the Pacific Region  to China because of his  $230 mill cut to it’s budget. A cut promised not to be made.  China’s news broadcaster Xinhua  is in Fiji and this week has signed a contract to supply the regional news in English, French and Chinese to Vanuatu and it’s neighbours. That’s National Security that Tony Abbott or Andrew Bolt aren’t talking about.

Has Tony Abbott just done the same for Melanesia?

Abott the Pivot Has Turned His Back and has become the Maitre’D of Pacific Nations


The pivot of the Middle East, No!!!!! Asia Pacific Asia Pacifc You Fool.

Australia’s voice in the Pacific has gone after 40 years. It fostered a sense of regional community. But it’s gone because Abbott cut $223mill from the ABC budget. All talk about Abbott being the pivot of Asia/Pacific and being a bulwark to the movement of increased Chinese influence in the area is little more than political advertising by Abbott. In reality Abbott has handed Pacific nations communications to the Chinese free of charge. The ABC under it’s charter is obliged to have an international broadcasting service it has been reduced to 60% of it’s previous budget. Local Pacific content has been sacrificed and withdrawn from the region and replaced with Australian parochial content.

China’s official news agency Xinhua is in Fiji  and has this year signed a deal in Vanuatu to supply news in English French & Chinese with it’s 171 foreign bureaus it’s influence is steadily growing across the region. So what is the Abbott pivot’s job description, Consierge ? “All talk no action Abbott” Meetings of leaders where Australia and NZ  once had a voice  will now fall even more under Chinese influence. These territories also acted as eyes and ears for Australian security against drugs, illegal arms and boats.

The ABC’s Sean Dorney provided us with understanding how PNG developed as a country he did the same for South Pacific Regionalism and gave newly formed independant Island states a collective South Pacific identity across the airwaves. He was their news across their region. When Abbott talks about National Security it’s merely the sound of his own voice and short term political gain just another sound byte coupled with his personal vendetta against the national broadcaster. The pivot has no interest in a region essential to our security. The Chinese love this doorman. The Maitre’D


An article worth reading

Put Bolt in the Headline and Everyone will Read it.

On Facebook every day I post ‘’My Thought for the Day’’ and every now and then I put the question. What word best describes you? My personal word is ‘’observation’’ because it covers a multitude of experiences. With very limited formal education, observation became an integral part of my private classroom. From an early age I became a keen observer. Nothing escaped my scrutiny or sensory surveillance’s. I watched people, nature and life in general. I examined and considered.So it was last weekend when I was watching one of my grandsons playing basketball. One of the boys in the team is from Somalia. A number of families with African heritage have moved to our area. I observed the mateship of their winning endeavours and the generous enthusiasm of their play between matches. The fun, friendship and frivolity of their connectedness was a delight to watch. The dark lad is of enormous talent with a generous smile, a face as black as night and gregarious nature.

I have also observed the total unabashed acceptance by children of different races at school, and at the local swimming pool where mature judgement is made by children unhindered by the prejudicial ignorance of adults.

My thoughts drifted to my own youth and I wondered just what it is that causes people to be racist. I recalled as a small boy being told what side of the street to walk to school because Jews lived on the other side. I lived through the post war era of immigration when Australians belittled and sneered at Italians and Greeks. Then later with bi partisan agreement we accepted the Vietnamese who came by boat. But not before debasing them with the worst part of our own uniquely Australian prejudice.

Memories came back to me of a pub I used to drink at on my way home from work. The beer garden attracted a cohort of Aussie builders who sub contracted concreting work to a group of Italians. I would observe how the Aussie fellows would run them down with the foulest of language and then drink with them, without a hint of condemnation when they arrived.

There was a time when a relation who was traveling by caravan around Australia rang me from some remote area highly populated by indigenous people. After the usual greeting the following words were advanced.

‘’I’m not a racist but’’ When you hear someone say those words they generally are. What followed was a tirade of critical commentary about every aspect of Aboriginal culture and living standards. I have no doubt that much of what she was saying was true however, there was no situation that wasn’t replicated in white city society. Her comments were therefore racist. The singling out of any group for reason of drawing attention to color is abhorrent to me.

More recently I have experienced racism where I live. I have two neighbors (one now deceased) who when talking about indigenous folk have described aboriginals as taking up to much space.
At a junior football final a couple of years ago a teenage boy was standing behind me verbalising a young aboriginal player of immense talent. I allowed the insults to insinuate themselves into the minds around me. The aboriginal boy had heard the remarks and was a bit distressed about it. I turned and said to the boy of uncouth mouth.

‘’So yours is what a racists face looks like’’
The teenager slunk away probably not used to having his racism confronted. In the unnatural silence that had invaded the group where I was standing I received a couple of congratulatory slaps on the shoulder.

You see I hate all forms of racism in a way that even someone like me, with a love of the moulding of words as disciples for good, cannot do. It was a little brave of me to do what I did because I am getting on in years but we must confront it.

In watching the antics of children of different races in their play we can bear witness to the sin of the abusers of decency. By the influence of those who cannot concede that we were all black once. And those who believe that superiority is determined by a chemical compound.

Children celebrate difference and prove to us that racism is not a part of the human condition. It is taught, or acquired. You have to learn it and those who tutor it and preach it are to be pitied for their ignorance and imbecility. No one is born a racist but we are born into racist societies.

What is racism?
It is best described in two parts. Firstly it is the belief that one race is superior to another. That it accounts for differences in human character and ability. Secondly racism is, discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Scott Woods puts it another way.

The problem is that white people see racism as conscious hate, when racism is bigger than that. Racism is a complex system of social and political levers and pulleys set up generations ago to continue working on the behalf of whites at other people’s expense, whether whites know/like it or not. Racism is an insidious cultural disease. It is so insidious that it doesn’t care if you are a white person who likes black people; it’s still going to find a way to infect how you deal with people who don’t look like you. Yes, racism looks like hate, but hate is just one manifestation. Privilege is another. Access is another. Ignorance is another. Apathy is another. And so on. So while I agree with people who say no one is born racist, it remains a powerful system that we’re immediately born into. It’s like being born into air: you take it in as soon as you breathe. It’s not a cold that you can get over. There is no anti-racist certification class. It’s a set of socioeconomic traps and cultural values that are fired up every time we interact with the world. It is a thing you have to keep scooping out of the boat of your life to keep from drowning in it. I know it’s hard work, but it’s the price you pay for owning everything.
Racism is preserved in many and various ways. Even Christian art propagates the myth of Jesus being white when in fact he would have been dark skinned and of Middle Eastern appearance. But art depicts him as white with European features and more often than not as effeminate.
Christians also cannot bring themselves to the point of accepting that dark skinned people were responsible for the introduction of religion into society. No white person has ever introduced a major religion. Some Christians even quote Bible verse to justify white superiority.
Even the law disproportionally targets colored (I hate that term) people resulting in levels of incarceration much higher than other groups.

The worst perpetrators of racism are those who do it through the guise of free speech. People like Andrew Bolt. A journalist of mediocre talent who writes in a grammatical style attractive to the intellect of 13 year olds, unable to challenge the mind (or his argument)with a word, or sentence.

Recently he wanted the law changed so that he would be freer through his column to abuse and defame. When the legislation was turfed because of its unpopularity Tony Abbott felt obliged to phone this journalist of such little virtue and apologise.

People who support Bolt and his racism need to ask just why it is that he is fixated on the subject of race (and Muslims and climate change) and the answer is simple. Murdoch has built his news empire on smut and controversy. The formula has made him extremely wealthy. And there is no doubt that Bolt is paid extraordinary amounts of money to proliferate the pages of the Herald Sun with this sort of gutter journalism.

Let us not forget what Justice Bromberg, said about Bolt’s use of language. He said,

“His style and structure is highly suggestive and designed to excite. His style was ”not careful, precise or exact” and the language not moderate or temperate but often strong and emphatic”. There is a liberal use of sarcasm and mockery,” he wrote. Language of that kind has a heightened capacity to convey implications beyond the literal meaning of the words utilised. It is language, which invites the reader to not only read the lines, but to also read between the lines.”


We should also remember that during the London riots, of the not too distant past Bolt in one of his pieces used the word ‘aped’ to describe the copycat behaviour of some people. The use of the word was legitimate in that sense until you appreciate that he was talking about black West Indians, and then the word became racist.
Bolt keeps coming back to skin, or the color of it as if it were a sexual fetish that gives him endless gratification.

And it must be said that Andrew is a convicted racist and has been found to on many occasions lie in his writing, particularly on the environment. In addition he has been convicted of defaming a female magistrate.
He wants the law changed so that in the future under the guise of free speech he will be able to vilify at his heart’s content.
Take two recent examples from his TV program. ‘’The Bolt Report’’
Bolt is an opponent of an attempt, which has bi partisan support, to recognise indigenous people in the constitution, contending that to single out any particular group is racist because it divides Australians? Former Labor minister Craig Emerson thus declared him a racist by his own criteria.
“Then you are a racist,” Emerson said, “because of the comments you made in relation to Indigenous people. By your own criterion, and that’s what you did. You identified a group of people and went for them.”
He was correct. Emerson’s remark relates to the legal case in which Bolt was found to have breached racial discrimination laws in articles that implied light-skinned Indigenous people identified themselves as Aboriginal for personal gain.
He was guilty by his own admission.

Another more recent example is when he quiet bizarrely declared that ‘’aboriginals weren’t here first’’. As I said earlier he has this thing about race that sends him into some kind of mental climax that needs constant stimulation. If you want to figure out the argument he was putting go here and then explain it to me. I cannot.

I will end where I started with my observation of that gregarious dark skinned boy playing joyfully in fellowship with his light skinned mates, and the fact each was different in color, one to the other didn’t enter the unblemished purity of their companionship. And I silently prayed that it never would.

Wonder When the Seed Is Planted

I look upon the child’s face and see
Innocence – unblemished purity
Translated in looks virtuous
How sweet how incorruptible

Then it happens with measured subtly
The distortion of youthful thought
Insinuated into free
And immature minds

I wonder when the seed is planted
When evil first takes hold
And intolerance evolves
To become scum on the pond of life

Who grants permission to damage the child?
Of its pristine purity
The wonderment of adventure
And unfiltered creativity

Is it the sin of the father?
That makes a child loathe
That makes them xenophobic
Racist just like him

When does it take root this hatred?
That enters the child’s mind
To be carried with them always
Fermenting as they grow

Are parents so imbued?
With experiences of the past
That forgiveness is impossible
Bad memories seem to last

So they pass it onto their children
And intolerance lingers on
Licking on the finger of hate
It seems to have no end

I can only ask that compassion
Might replace their putrid sin
And the cry that is inside each heart
Will – let understanding in
John Lord.

Nature Or Nurture of a Moral Bankrupt

A loner who always wanted to be a winner but afraid of venturing off  the straight & narrow path. A simple lad who loved boxing tulips in that infamous Nazi town Aalesmere. A young man who found no adventure in India non reportable. He would have preferred the Delhi diplomatic enclave I think. It was safer than being out amongst the hub bub of daily life.

Uni  was just too big full of ideas that  challenged him. Who was that guy Che Guevara  student’s had on their walls what band did he play for?Bolt was a hero in his own mind the minder to a belly dancer except the dancer said he was more like her  son Oedipus. She did all the supporting of an egocentric child. He apologised for his self aggrandisement.

The question of nature  or nurture doesn’t apply to Andrew Bolt because he got a double dose of right and thus there’s nothing left in him. The man presents like an over pancaked Thunderbird puppet on the Bolt Report head and hands bobbing away trying to impress his guests with his one way moral politic. Michael Kroger looks so bored trying to stifle  yawns because it’s so one-dimensional.

Any society, any family (a concept Bolt dismisses) expects the younger generation to challenge the status quo. Like Don Quixote fight injustice to create a better world. There is not an ounce of that in Bolt and it seems never was. The elect are duty bound to preserve and protect not change things. Put the joker in the box never let him out, don’t rock the boat. He can’t for one minute consider a 19-year-old Islamic kid been drawn to ISIS. If we were back in the 60’s Bolt would never have marched against the Vietnam war. In the 30’s never gone to the Spanish War.

He is the morally strict dad who raves on about individualism within his narrow moral parameters. Talking is his bent but has a tin ear which is the hallmark of a fascist. Win arguments at all cost because to lose ,say sorry or have second thoughts is existential death.Just read his blog it’s self-evident. I doubt if he ever had the courage to stand up against his mother & father. He’s the guy you’d never see at a protest meeting. Polite but removed extremely ambitious to succeed. He wanted to take a shot at the “greasy pole” of success promised by the hierarchy of the day. There’s was never any place for idealism or questioning the status quo a true blue one-dimensional man.

His presented to his peers as friendly enough but not really on any intimate level. If they played “Truth or Dare” it would be too much of a challenge. His modernity only superficial because he wasn’t modern at all.  Cool on the outside anal on the in. He didn’t develop his own values or rethink what he’d been told by his parents, never questioned their values. He was after all the headmaster’s son he didn’t embrace equality or question his position in small town country Australia. The idea of equality never crossed his mind he simply never saw past the moral circumstance handed to him.

He was a confused young man for christ sake. His CV says he worked for Labour how confused is that given his background? No how detached is that! It shows he worked for himself and was disingenuous about what it was he was doing. This man can publicly say  on national TV”Aborigines weren’t here first” because history has no relevance for him everything started  at birth 54 years ago  as far as he is concerned. Like Margret Thatcher there is no society only individuals competing in god’s democracy where winners are grinners because their position is  rightly deserved by their hard work and graces.Cream always rises to the top. Is this his Christian way of saying ” Allah Akbar”?  No he says he’s agnostic, my arse!

Andrew Bolt frames everything within the narrow confines of  his moral  superior framework. Conservatives act according to their god’s own moral political view of the world. If they happen to get rich, and make their friends rich in the process, that is just the unbidden consequence of wealth being the natural reward of the righteous, in their moral universe. The fact that those at the top are conservative just proves his point and justifies it’s maintenance. To Bolt life is what it is and should be policed, protected, maintained not socially  engineered by government. After all look what Castro and Che did for Cuba it’s never progressed, they are poor.

I won’t deny he’s all right but morally he is all wrong. I hope with the natural order of things his kids will challenge the sanctimonious prick.

Hallmarks of a Force Lead by Saddam’s Men. ISIS a Sunni Caliphate in a Shia Sea Will They Try to Build?

ISIS has consolidated it’s position across Syria and Iraq even eliminating opposition groups with the same goals such as the FSA in Syria. With the fog of confusion lifted the reality remains whether any rapprochement is possible with Assad and the new Iraq Government. ISIS is now calling for professionals to help consolidate their Sunni caliphate. Unlike previous rebel groups ISIS has the hallmarks of Saddam’s military invasion with it’s specific goals,targets and logistics & bringing together a growing coalition of support.

 “It really is all guesswork at this stage,” said Sakhr al-Makhadhi, a British-Arab journalist and Syria analyst. “The Islamic State recently called for professionals – doctors, engineers and such – to move to its territory, so it’s clear that they view this as a long-term state building project. What this shows is that they’re lacking certain skills. They may have the manpower to fight, but not to build a state.”

It is Muslims in the Middle East who have most to worry about from the Islamic State. The decapitation of the journalist James Foley doesn’t change anything – the number of Iraqis executed by Islamic State fighters is far, far more. In a very short time the Islamic State has become the most compelling and attractive organisation for Muslim fighters around the world, more so than AL-Qaeda ever was.

For countries where Muslims are a minority like Australia paranoia has developed. The impact of this phenomenon on community relations – in Australia, Canada, India, the US, and Europe – could be devastating. Abbott for his own political advantage is calling for National Unity in the hope of restoring flagging polls. Once again, suspicions will easily be raised by Islamophobes like Andrew Bolt about Islamic State sympathisers in the west and whether they pose a threat. The news media will undoubtedly report on Australian, American or European Muslims joining the group or calling for violence in videos, further raising tensions and besmirch the Muslim faith. These very actions help recruit sympathizers amongst Australians being disparaged.

The group has prompted bomb blasts and fighting in Lebanon, and in Jordan and Kuwait the governments are worried that sleeper cells may attack at any moment. But it is Saudi Arabia that is on high alert, worried that the Islamic State group will come after them with force. In a recent interview, a senior Islamic State defector said their next stop would be Saudi Arabia, which includes Mecca and Medina. Its rulers are now in full panic, sending money to the Lebanese army, funding UN counter-terrorism efforts, and even getting senior Muftis to condemn the group. And there is  reason for this panic. However for the moment their focus is firmly on the Middle East states.

The Islamic State is a direct descendant of AL-Qaeda, but there is one key difference: Its leaders believe fighting “apostates” is more important than fighting non-Muslims for now. They want to unite the Middle East under their banner before truly turning their sights on the US and Europe. In the eyes of many jihadis, the Islamic State has established the most successful and feared caliphate in recent history.

President Obama calls the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant a “cancer.” Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, describes ISIL as a “monster.” Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, ranks al-Qaeda and ISIL, also known as ISIS, as “Enemy No. 1″ of Islam. And President Hassan Rouhani of Iran warns Muslim states to beware of “these savage terrorists,” for “tomorrow you will be targeted,” too, by ISIL.

The unanimity of hatred and fear toward the ISIL militants rampaging through Syria and Iraq is testament both to the threat they pose and to an unusual opportunity. Not since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait 24 years ago have the region’s most powerful players expressed such animus toward a common enemy. That’s because ISIL’s goal of replacing national boundaries in the Middle East with a Sunni Muslim caliphate threatens not just the usual “infidels”—Christians, Jews, Shiites, and other non-Sunni Muslim minorities—but the nation-states themselves.

 But make no mistake: The real threat from the Islamic State is to other Muslims in the Middle East. Sooner or later people across the Middle East will have to face up to this threat.



Politicians were first in line see link below


When Capital is rewarded ahead of Labour not only is it stupid to the extreme but morally reprehensible. Economic growth rides on the back of consumer spending. Business cant profit if people have nothing to spend. Currently we have a tax system which takes from workers and gives back to the wealthy coupled with a government that puts the interest of business first while cutting back services. Don’t get me wrong by business I don’t mean small business some of whom fantasize about not being workers.

Post-war 60’s & 70’s period of last century, was a time of far greater egalitarianism and much less social inequality than we see today; proof that capitalism and decency need not always be mutually exclusive.

 “A nation’s tax system is often a reflection of its communal values and/or the values of those in power.  In democratic nations where the public elects those in charge of establishing the tax system, these choices reflect the type of community that the public wishes to create. In countries where the public does not have a significant amount of influence over the system of taxation, that system may be more of a reflection on the values of those in power. – Skand Chaturve

 This government’s rhetoric has well and truly achieved media saturation ,  We are told that because of “finacial crisis” predicted 10 years from now we have to bunker down

 “the age of entitlement is over and that we all must become lifters, not leaners”,

Yet at the same time we have a federal budget which seeks to impose austerity measures on the poor, the young, the sick and the elderly, while rewarding big business with generous concessions. They cry out budget emergency while the banks post record profits. They tell us we\all need to tighten our belts while they chomp on fat cigars and get perks on perks. They grumble about sustainability. Cuts to public spending will always affect those on lower incomes. In other words we all pay individually and capital rent on capital remains protected. Slogans about no new taxes are a joke when services are being cut costing the lower income $850 per year and those on higher $550

Abbott’s cries deficit emergency but he began his term by adding  $68bn to the budget deficit. If it wants to balance the books and be fair why not place more of the tax burden on capital? An effective mining tax would be a good place to start. 80% of Australia’s mining operations are foreign owned, and yet they still receive billions in fuel rebates, super profits tax on the banks, taxing interest on superannuation and abolishing perks like negative gearing for property investors. If we do nothing to correct the upward redistribution of income and wealth eventually the whole house of cards will comes crashing down.  The logic is irrefutable; the way to build a better economy is through building better people spend on them. Capital rides on labours backs if exhausted it moves profit is it’s only loyalty. Howard’s trade agreements together with globalization saw the demise of manufacturing. Do you think financial services won’t shift?

None of this will ultimately stop the rich getting richer, but it might just provide the vital revenue needed to water the roots through generous funding of healthcare, childcare, aged care, education, research and innovation.  50% or more profit goes to capital. It is this presumption of entitlement which needs to be challenged. It’s this that Nobel Prize winning economist Stiglitz says threatens America.

The biggest problem is that there is no indication that the problem of inequality is likely to be addressed in a hurry by either team (A)bott or team (B)ill Shorten. Abbott protects capital and Labour merely moves deck chairs. Yes we are doing a lot better than the United States. With the world’s most expensive healthcare system and a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour (untipped)  some are warning of the threat of civil uprising. At least they have plenty of prisons, and if Ferguson Missouri is any indication, police armed to the teeth like their military. The coalition  see the Americanisation of our society as something to be aspired to. Abbott has added $650mill to National Security to protect us from Terrorism within. To date their hasn’t been a single death. But we will need more prisons once the guilty before innocent law take effect. Sush……their listening.

“We Are The Moral Right Wing Press” You Were Totally Out Played..Bolt Suck It Up

Bolt Report 24/8/14: Andrew Bolt & Piers Ackerman sang “the Moral Way is the Murdoch Way” on Sunday……… Halalujia


The power to conceal or reveal sensitive personal information turns out to be just like the power of the bully in the school playground. The bully need only batter one or two children for the fact of his power to be established: fear will then ensure that the others do all they can to placate him.”

Whether in response to the prelude to an attack or to prevent the threat of future attack, Shorten has opted to attempt to short-circuit the issue by coming out, unexpectedly, and on his own terms, to discuss it. But it’s a high-risk play in that it elevates what until now has amounted to social media abuse into a mainstream media issue that can be openly discussed. Bolt is certainly pissed his media team didn’t get to it first don’t for a moment think he wouldn’t have used it accompanied with the word ‘alleged’. Instead he was running down the media straight last yelling ‘I’m Galahad of the press’ Shorten had ‘Bolted’ and has made it the subject of public debate.

But it also undermines the threat from Murdoch on the issue: his papers can still run a smear campaign against Shorten, but he has got on the front foot and ensured it can’t be used to blackmail him. A direct attack designed to destroy Shorten, who has proved unexpectedly competitive against a government that has spent a year stumbling from error to error, may not have been the only thing playing on Labor minds. One of the key elements of Rupert Murdoch’s success, according to The Guardian’s Nick Davies, is his ability to blackmail key figures based on the threat that they will be punished via personal attack in his newspapers. As Davies wrote in July:

Andrew Bolt “Nothing exitsted before me” The Bolt Report


Andrew Bolt Insists Indigenous Australians Weren’t ‘Here First’

You can watch the episode here, but if you’re not quite up to it, the relevant discussion began at around the 33-minute mark, when Bolt and Johns started hashing out whether recognising indigenous Australians in the document would divide the nation by race.


According Andrew Bolt Adelaide Universtity failure “Indigenous should not be mentioned in our constitution as they can’t prove they were here before us”


Bolt likes to say he dropped out but that sullies

the reputation of a number of good people





Scott Morrison Turning People into Athiests

Taxpayers have forked out close to $330,000, including $800 for a door knob, for a border protection media briefing room that hasn’t been used since its completion 10 months ago.

Construction and fit-out costs for the high-tech theatrette totalled almost $235,000 while the annual cost of having it on stand-by is running at about $100,000.

Invoices show $800 was spent on a single door knob

Read more:

Team Australia and the Expendables

It came a day before Melbourne was named the world’s most livable city. It’s the world’s most livable city because it’s — probably — the world’s most successful multiculture.

Melbourne people think of themselves as Macedonian Australians, Greek Australians, Italian Australians, Croatian Australians, Sudanese Australians, Chinese Australians, Korean Australians, Japanese Australians, Pakistani Australians, Tongan Australians, Filipino Australians, Arabic Australians — and so on. Scottish Australians. Irish Australians.

Abbott truly doesn’t know how strange he is, how repellent some of his beliefs. No raped woman should abort the result. No woman, not even his sister, should marry a woman. When the vote is 70 percent against him, he is not for turning. When it’s 90 percent against him, he is not a team player. He’s just a little crazy.

View image on Twitter

Abbott is reviving the days of Arthur Calwell ALP Minister for Immigration. ‘Team Australia’ is another slogan for ‘New Australian’ or ‘Assimilate or Leave’, drop this 60’s,70’s,80’s &90’s multicultural crap. In those decades  we established a true rainbow nation. Team Australia is a slap in the face of anybody that’s different. There isn’t another country in the world that tells its migrants to forgo their ancestry their national pride when they arrive. He opened his mouth and alienated half of Scotland. He re-introduced Knights and Dames into Team Australia maybe he’s considering King as well.

When our tourist and education industries rely heavily on Asia what’s Abbott’s underlying message “Come here spend your money and piss off”!!  If your Hindu you will eat steak, Muslim or Jew you will get pork like it or lump it if the shrimp have run out you will get whatever we choose to put on the barbie. Water will cost but the beer is free. Got it, get it, good!! We will escort your women around like we do our  Queen hand on bum that’s the Aussie way, you’ll love it. You will need to be aware  if you look too different we’ll stamp SHIT in your passport and send you home charging a triple departure tax. SHIT was what they used Penang in the 60’s  to move people on in 24 hours, ‘Suspected Hippy In Transit’. However today it’s Abbot’s way of saying Suspect Human Is Terrorist……piss off!! There’s 2 industries definitely fucked any wonder Tertiary fees will go up along with unemployment.

The Expendables

Why is an English Papist advocating Union Jack Values



Abbott told Radio 2GB recently: “Everyone has got to put this country, its interests, its values and its people first, and you don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team”.

In truth, in Australia today, some people  are really departing from the core Australian values of humanity, diversity, fair go, liberty and inclusiveness. They are not the values of the well-off, privileged, elite, middle-aged men of Tony Abbott’s Team Australia.

  That is coming from  Tony Abbott who grew up as an English Catholic migrant in a very Protestant and highly prejudiced Australia. The song ” Catholic dogs stink like frogs” still  rings in my ears and I’m sure in his.The state school bullies always challenged us to a fight on the way home from school. We were ‘Micks”and that was enough. Maybe that’s why Abbott took up boxing as a young man in the same way young indigenous and Lebanese men took up the sport. Self-defense or  was it to fight his way into some elite Team Australia in his mind?


“Abbott must have known what it was like to have his faith pilloried and made the subject of public scorn. He also felt the pull of political Catholicism in the movement of an Italian migrant named Bartholomew Augustine Santamaria, whose anti-Communist views often translated into divisive positions on domestic and international politics, which many Catholics abhorred. That did not stop Abbott from sitting beside Santamaria’s deathbed during the latter’s final hours.”

The politics of exclusion and marginalization has been  historically the core of this country for 200 years. Assimilation is now Abbott’s required path to be recognized as a part of ‘Team Australia’. New arrivals are expected to drop what they can of their foreign dress,customs,food and religions. In the  recent past they resisted and were allowed to be themselves. The 70’s and 80’s supported Multiculturalism. Abbott’s family must have been one with their affiliations with Catholicism & DLP. So why is Abbott asking  today’s minorities to give up their legal rights as a ticket of entry to some Disney Team Australia?

Abbott’s a Papist not a Protestant the Vatican and Rome came before Australia he hasn’t changed. This applies to  8 other of his cabinet ministers  who claim to be  practicing Catholics with principles not attuned to the public..  Abbott’s mindset grew out of the DLP a movement accused of siding with dictators and very anti-socialist movements. If for one minute Abbott and his  ahistorical advisers gave some consideration to the fact that over 40% of 500k Muslims were born here and had a history in establishing this country.  They  grew up here and didn’t fly or sail here on a ten pound plan like the Abbotts. Every major wave of Australian migration has included persons of Muslim heritage.They are Australian and were here before he was born. If he ha any intelligence he’d realize there isn’t much Christian about any Team Australia.

Australia was and is a nation of bullies trying to define & protect their turf from anyone they perceive as outsiders.  Did anybody see the movie ‘Wake in Fright’ it’s worth seeing and portrays a not too pleasant but realistic view of Australia from a newcomers perspective. This turf protection is usually directed at people sufficiently different in the wrong way and for reasons beyond their control with little tolerance for the difference.

 After WW11 Italians, Greeks, Germans, Dutch, Poles and Yugoslavs arrived in their thousands these ‘new Australians’ supplanted the Irish Catholics at the bottom of the ladder where they’d been since colonisation and BW ( before wogs) .  They had their own schools, football teams, clubs and moral princiles . Mixed marriages were frowned on and even divided families. Shit if a wealthy protestant girl wed a catholic she was abandoned and the Catholic church did not recognize the marriage. Jobs weren’t equally available to all. Catholics were very much Public Servants whilst Protestants were the Business Barons Squattocracy and  politicians. However to the new arrivals anybody who spoke native English was Australian giving young Abbott the opportunity to rise above these traditional prejudices.

By the ’90s, European migrants had moved up a rung, as Vietnamese and Lebanese refugees took their place. Irish Catholics, astonishingly, had reached the apex of power: Paul Keating as prime minister, William Deane was governor-general and Gerard Brennan was chief justice of the High Court. Around then the term “Anglo-Celtic” became common, conferring a retrospective respectability on the once-despised Bog Irish”

 “But as historian Patrick O’Farrell warns us, ‘Anglo-Celtic is “a grossly misleading, false and patronising convenience, one crassly present-oriented. Its use removes from consciousness and recognition a major conflict fundamental to any comprehension not only of Australian history but of our present core culture.”

The idealized culture that Abbott insists exists and all migrants should strive to be part of if they want to live here his Team Australia is an  idealization of some  monocultured Australia of the past. The only reason the division between Catholicism and Protentism deminished was because of the influx of migrants and multiculturalism. The Knights Dames & the Union Jack are a core part of Abbott’s dream his fantasy of joining the elite,it’s so Camelot. Only by acknowledging previous inequities can we hope to understand the current hierarchies, and engage usefully with contemporary issues such as today’s intolerance towards the current influx of Lebanese, Afghan,Sudanese and other new Muslim arrivals. To deny these conditions is to deny Australia.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”said George Bernard Shaw. Team Australia means Team Anglo- Celtic .Anglo-Celtic has become a glib collective term for  Old Australia — a polite way of saying White Australia BW ‘before the wogs’.

In truth, however, in Australia today, the people who are really departing from the core Australian values of humanity, diversity, fair go, liberty and inclusiveness that multicultural policies represented are the well-off, privileged, elite, middle-aged men of Tony Abbott’s cabinet.  Who want us to be more like them. Maybe they can run a Top of the the Town Festival to show Lakemba how it’s done.





Team Australia vs Team to be selected. Losers R the Ashes


A handful of  Australians have been charged and imprisoned on planning terrorist acts. Some very few are Muslim. Our government says 150 suspected young Muslims  are  overseas whereabouts unknown and are now security suspects. Tony Abbott has seen fit to ask representatives of 500,000  Australians declared moderate Muslims to join his Team Australia. The head of ASIO has even called for their applications to the security organisation. Abbott  has asked these Australians to speak up  to become active members of his Team.  A back handed compliment if there was one coming from our PM has  raised the shackles of some representatives of these Australian groups and deservedly.

Abbott is about to change National Security laws such that a persons returning from a war zones will need to prove their  uninvolvement in any fighting in order not to be charged on counts of terrorism. The corner stone of British justice is about to be turned on it’s head. ‘Innocent until proven guilty will no longer be the corner stone of our legal system.

A number of Catholic priests have  been charged and goaled for sexual offences have all Catholics been asked to join Team Australia? After all the Team Australia wouldn’t have seen these offences as less important.Will priests in the future need to prove their innocence will their parishioners be assumed co-conspirators  from the gecko?

What about the Irish Catholics in Australia will they need to prove no association with the IRA on return from a home visit? Italian’s Catholic back from Italy will need to prove no Mafia association.

Tony Abbott manages to put both feet in his mouth more times than any other politician in recorded history but like George Bush remains just covered in shit, yes but deodorised by the Murdoch press.  The stupidity embarrasses us.

“Gee, I can’t understand why anyone would think that I’m being hostile to Catholics. I’m just trying to get everyone on Team Australia. I mean, make up your mind. To whom do you owe your allegiance, the Pope or Australia?”………Rossleigh

Christian fundamentalists  want to impose similar restraints on things like “homosexual behaviour”, abortion, alcohol,  nudity dancing and face-painting which are part of our rich tapestry of life and part of our democracy. Heaven help us if Cory Bernardi  and Kevin Andrews ever realise how much they and the other Catholics have in common with the Taliban &  ISIS who want to impose Sharia Law!

Thank you Rossleigh for this clarity:

Q: Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up?

A: Because it might lead to dancing!

Andrew Bolt is a great supporter of this new approach to law as he was once presumed innocent of racism but found guilty. Now under the new structure he has hope of appeal since the Bolt law is not going to be revised. He now has a window of opportunity to appeal because he is certain he has proof of innocence Tony Abbott his mate and a coalition cabinet.

Aussies presumed guilty crime will have to  prove their property is not. Beggars caught in our city malls across will have to prove any money in their pockets was not generously but illegally given.

This application of new principle has as yet not been extended to politicians will have to prove that donations didn’t affect their decisions. Nor – apart from Peter Slipper – that their travel allowance wasn’t an honest mistake or that their $270 a day living allowance wasn’t applied to their property purchases?

Guantanamo Australia is about to be a reality


News Corp is Murdoch’s Australian Tweet




We have seen the collective power of News Corp in action when the Daily Telegraph,The Herald Sun  The Courier Mail and Australian set out to get Rudd and do it for Tony. Akerman, Bolt, Albrechtsen & Devine  in their collective portrait of Kevin did not find skerrick of human quality. They were coupled with  headlines of a quality never seen before. Abbott on the other hand was raised to the equivalent of sainthood by these arseholes who claim  independence of thought and freedom of expression.

Now we are told that these print media outlets are all hemorrhaging cash and are being supported by News Corp’s online real estate site and Foxtel entertainment. That they certainly aren’t fulfilling Murdoch’s commercial agenda but are at the top of their game when it came to his political one.

  “The truth is sad and salutary. News Corp’s domination of the press is a threat to Australia’s democracy. There is now no politically realistic way to overcome this problem.

“The effective control of the media is the first step on the road to controlling the values and future direction of our society.”……Robert Mann

How is 66% control going to be wrested from Murdoch? His personal agenda is the sale or neutering of the ABC & SBS and total destruction of Fairfax his only commercial competition which like all print media is also struggling financially. Most of the multitude of alternative blogs and websites are seen by only a tiny fraction of the population. In societies like ours, newspapers should be the most important news agenda-setters and as much as we don’t like it News Corp dominates without news. Their papers tend to be 25% information and 70% Murdoch commentary. In other words the majority that passes as news in their papers is actually propaganda.

Mr Murdoch’s newspapers always respond in unison – as with  some divine wind –  they pursue their relentless campaigns in favour of current Murdoch objectives – particularly his political ones. Every journalist in Australia knows that.

“It is the saddest reflection imaginable on this society that virtually no one in public life has dared to speak out against the growing concentration of ownership of the Australian press. As a consequence  Australia now has a concentration of newspaper ownership unknown anywhere in the developed world beyond the party-controlled papers of the communist bloc.”

In the USA when he couldn’t takeover CNN so he established Fox News a 24-hour conservative-populist propaganda channel, where right-wing opinion and slanted news, described in totalitarian fashion as “fair and balanced”, was delivered in a highly entertaining fashion. Fox amplifies the anxiety and prejudices of conservative America. Fox News is the voice of the Republican America.

  “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us. Now we’re discovering that we work for Fox.” With Fox News, Murdoch’s two great passions – media and right-wing politics – have come together in perfect harmony.

The past decade has seen the unification of his tabloids partly to cut costs but bringing together a single political voice of right-wing provoking columnists who work for him and follow his line.

Today’s papers echo the Alarmist cry of Abbott telling us that James Foley’s  beheading could happen here.

“This is not something that happens elsewhere. It could happen in  a country like Australia if we relax our vigilance against terrorism”….Tony Abbott

Abbott is telling Australian Muslims how they should behave to be part of Team Australia rather than listen.  When Bolt and Blair make it a regular exercise to incite anti-Islamic attitude to show they don’t belong they are inviting radicalisation. Size of an event doesn’t matter just as long as it makes front page across Australia. They want a killer punch. Like ISIS  they are Murdoch’s terror mongers and want to provoke, create a disturbance here.  Margaret Thatcher had a very wise policy on terrorism – that if you really wish to protect citizens, you do so by discouraging media coverage of it. “Media coverage is the oxygen of terrorism”, observed Thatcher. If politicians act irresponsibly and feed media with national security fears, they can actually incite race hate, violence and extreme acts. Therefore, the only time a government would play this card is when it is itself under threat and Tony Abbott is feeling just that. Think about it if somebody was murdered here in Melbourne or Sydney in seemingly terrorist act who would stand to gain?

The opposition is however behind the 8 ball as it has no voice. Abbott is trying to neuter the ABC and SBS not because they have a left bias but because they offer multiple views. That alone next to Murdoch’s tabloids makes them appear to have an opposition voice.  Fairfax attempts to be 60% news and 25% opinion and are also accused of being of the left. However they are in as much as they are providing  information and are  not just Murdoch’s propaganda flier.




1071 Journalists Killed since 1992 ,707 Journalists Murdered, War and Journalism is a deadly occupation

 Andrew Bolt

“These signs from a Sydney protest suggest beheading is indeed considered by many Muslims to have religious sanction. These protesters haven’t just independently dreamed up some punishment of their own”………….In short they are here!!

“The fact that Foley’s killer has an English accent is actually one of the most significant details about this horrible murder.” ……….They have Australian accents as well!!




235 Journalists have been killed in Syria & Iraq according to Committee to Protect Journalists 111 murdered with impunity

CPJ is extremely concerned for all journalists, most of them Syrians, held captive by Islamic State, which murdered U.S. freelancer James Foley. Islamic State kidnaps, kills, and threatens journalists in the territories over which it holds sway. Syria has been the most dangerous country in the world for journalists for more than two years, with at least 70 killed covering the conflict. At least one journalist is killed, another arrested, and several injured amid intensifying clashes between the Iraqi government and its allies, and the insurgency spearheaded by the Al-Qaeda splinter group Islamic State.

“Local and foreign journalists already knew that Syria was the world’s most dangerous place to be a reporter before the beheading of James Foley brought that knowledge to the general public,” said CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney.

Despite that, Syrian and foreign reporters like Jim Foley are prepared to put their lives at risk, in an attempt, in the words of another U.S. journalist killed in Syria, Marie Colvin, to ‘bear witness.'”

James Foley accepted the risks involved and had experienced captivity in Libya for 55 days once before. Death is a part of war. Mai Lai was a  brutal and illegal event committed by US troops in Vietnam. Illegal acts are done by all sides in a wars. Sarin gas was used by Assad in Syria. MH17 is a recent case in which 38 Australians perished.

I think one has to be extremely carefull as to who we are blaming here. The use of Sarin was a condemnation of the Assad government and not the Syrian people or Islam. MH17 wasn’t shot down by the Russians. Abbott backed off after his knee jerk reaction pointing a finger at Putin and the Russians.

Bolt and his Newscorp mates however blame Islam. For them this public eventis yet another opportunity to give Islam a verbal shalacking rather than ISIS  it’s leadership and propaganda arm. Isis wants the USA  to escalate they want them in on this war and what better way to goad Obama than a public beheading. Retaliation by the USA is as good as any recruitment drive. Take Gaza the collateral damage Israel does in their effort to destroy Hamas  simply increases Hamas’s ranks and results in another generation of youth filled with hate for Israel.

Murdoch’s global news machine always responds in unison –  to some divine wind – it pursues a relentless campaign in favour of current Murdoch objectives – particularly his political ones it’s not reporting. Every journalist in Australia knows that.” Along with Fox News  Murdoch uses his media empire as a standard-bearer for the  radical-conservative front that’s undermining social democratic parties and progressive politics throughout the English-speaking world. For god sake he doesn’t need to ring his editors or producers to let them what he wants. They know what he thinks he Tweets the world daily and tells us what he thinks. He hates Obama and loves the neocons. He hates the ALP and supports Abbott  at the moment.  His global media once supported Bush & the invasion of Iraq. Weapons of Mass Destruction never found but were used as a necessity for  US intervention then. Now it’s Isam because it’s good for Abbott, Cameron, the Tea Party and conservative front.

The more fear,the more alarm about an enemy that lurks within Australia, the more ground Abbott and the coalition will regain. James Foley died as a war correspondant as others have before him. He knew the risks and didn’t quiver when his time came. But Newscorp Bolt, Blair, Devine, McCrann & others will use James Foley to tell us know Tony Abbott is the ‘Man’   “the Oxonian Rhodes scholar”, “the volunteer fire-fighter and surf club member”, “the hugely intelligent, hugely decent, down-to-earth bloke”, equally at home downing “beers” and “writing books about political philosophy” – these commentators will practise their character beatification and take us to war or at least ensure that this government stays in power. This government that will guarantee an increase in youth suicide, the mental breakdown of asylum seekers and further alienation of the poor and minorities in this country


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Scott Morrison the CEO. Soon His Staff Will Be In The Episodic Care of Kevin Andrews

Asylum staff hit by mental health crisis

But asylum seekers are “fine”was Scott Morrison’s response to the UNHRC report We must admit the report didn’t focus on his staff. We always knew Nurse Ratchett was under stress.

“one female employee attempting to take her life and a male considered at serious risk of self-harm.”

“The two Serco employees, whose distress was prompted by prolonged exposure to depressed and self-harming asylum seekers, have been flown to the mainland.”

The asylum seekers they were exposed to remained in detention because they were “fine”

the two employees had been ”on constant”, meaning they were required to prevent asylum seekers on suicide watch from self-harming for the duration of their 12-hour shifts. ”It really does their heads in because they’re watching people trying to kill or harm themselves all the time,” one insider told Fairfax Media.

”The pressure of being with clients, at arm’s length, for 12 hours a shift with no relief and seeing slashings and attempted hangings is taking a toll,” said another.

Eric Abetz called it minor histrionics, Tony Abbott moral blackmail and Morrison bullshit. The rest of the world has called it inhumane.Last month the Australian Human Rights Commission and a team of medical experts described a ”mental health crisis” on the island, confirming multiple suicide attempts and self-harm incidents.

 A Serco spokes-person said “we have a range of measures in place to support them.”

If they wound up in the hands of Kevin Andrews they would be deemed “episodic” taken off a DSP which takes 2 years to get and placed on New Start. Andrews has a history of compassion over his years as a minister.Scott Morrison dreams of ways he could get these asylum seekers out of detention to Cambodia declare them resettled and abrogate all responsibility for them. Resettlement after all doesn’t say first world does it.
















Scott Morrison Listen to Someone Who Knows the Law, Child Rights, Assylum and Cambodia. Don’t Just Abrogate Our responsibility


Alister Nicholson was Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia. He is now a professor of law at Melbourne University and the founder and patron of Child Rights International. He knows Cambodia very well as CRI is assisting the Cambodian government in the establishment of  a Cambodian Children’s Court from ground zero. In the following interview  he discusses Scott Morrison’s efforts to send 1000 Asylum Seekers from Nauru to Cambodia abrogating Australia’s duty of care for purely political gain at a $40 mill cost +++

Melbourne & Sydney were Voted in the Top 5 of the Worlds Friendliest Cities. Bolt, Blair & Devine Aim to Destroy That..Verbal Terrorist Mongers

Tim Blair seems more interesting in meeting Islamic Mannequins, than actual Islamic people.


Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine are the sad reflection of  radicalized fundamentalists no matter what religion or ideology . They might not be physically disposed to terror but they ar disposed the a terror of another kind VERBAL TERROR , MEDIA TERROR,INCITEMENT OF TERROR. They have a pulpit in Murdoch’s Church. They have a congregation they encourage that congregation to amplify their chant. A chant that thrives and grows on the indiscretions of a stupid few. Those indiscretions which they fuel with their media voice.

Tony Abbott’s government also encourages the dark-side the shadow of terror like the shadow of communism is a political opportunity. In the 50’s and 60’s the ‘Domino Theory’ of communist takeover sustained successive Liberal Governments and took us to Vietnam. Today it’s Islam and the Christian Mullahs very few but loud are BLAIR,BOLT & DEVINE. They aren’t Australia’s voice but Murdoch’s Church is the amplifier.

The rest of the world see us Australia as economically blessed a true rainbow nation voted in the top of all surveys,envied universally why? Lakemba a place to celebrate as Carlton was when it was full of Wogs and Jews in the 50’s. There were media fear mongers back then and for political advantage they took us to war and killed our young men in Vietnam for conservative advantage. Do you think Tony Abbott wouldn’t apply the same tactic today to stay in power when he sees his first year as government has been a total shambles? Margret Thatcher said terror is a tool the fuel of a desperate government.

Tim Blair may or may not have gone to Lakemba if he did he slid in like a lizard an hid under a rock. His article is not journalism but the psychology of a severely mentally disturbed paranoiac. It was used by his twin blogger in Melbourne Andrew Bolt to tell us we aren’t friendly or livable cities. Bolt for one hides in Malvern I haven’t a clue where Blair hides but they aren’t worthy any attention. To say they are employed shits in the face of those hard working Australians looking for jobs and those kids that are going to have to wait 6 months for  less than $200pw dole. These arseholes are no better than the evangelists of any extreme cult and should be treated in kind

Below are true descriptions of a suburb in Sydney that makes us deserve to be admired

A must read is Martin Flanagan in The Age it’s a true salute to the truth and real journalism

Hanging with an Islamic ‘Dipper’ – Sydney Morning Herald



Responding To Tim Blairs Article On Sydney’s “Muslim Land”

Tim Blair concocted an article reflecting  the desolate reality of his own mind.

Having read this blog. People should read Martin Flanagan’s piece in The Age

Hanging with an Islamic ‘Dipper’  about Lakemba to appreciate what journalism should be Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine are certainly not. They are  no more than dark depressive verbal terrorists. Sad but nevertheless mirrors of those radicalised people they constantly warn us about.

Hanging with an Islamic ‘Dipper’ – Sydney Morning Herald


The Daily Telegraph this morning published an article by so called “journalist” Tim Blair- titled “Last drinks in Lakemba, Taking A Look Inside Sydneys Muslim Land”. Lakemba is a Suburb in South West Sydney approximately 20 kilometres from the city. I live in the Lakemba area and I have lived here for a huge chunk of my life and this article had many blatantly paranoid views from a journalist that must have experienced a “culture shock”, despite knowing nothing about the culture- or the suburb itself.

Let me be the first to admit, sure enough Lakemba might not have the lush greenery of Sydneys Northern Suburbs or the glistening beaches of Sydneys South. Indeed it might not have that “cosmo” feel of the Inner West Suburbs nor the “wide open spaces” of the far West, yet this “Muslim Land” as he calls it has a lot more to offer than…

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“The most friendliest city” “The most liveable city” not according to our greatist alarmist and hypocrite

Andrew Bolt sees porn

“Called “capital of cool” Melbourne was praised for boasting an abundance of amazing nightlife, food and hotels, but was also praised for its parks and “fabulous” public art, and its people’s “wonderful sense of humour”.

So we have been voted the most ‘livable’ and now the most ‘friendliest’ city in the world by Conde Naste no less

Do we really deserve this  high praise with the likes of Andrew Bolt in our midst who continually tells us were on our way to hell in a hand-basket. I like Mike Carlton think he’s a fart in an overcrowded train but Mike lives in Sydney which only made it to 5th spot

Bolt is a full-blown, staunch opponent multiculturalism. Assimilation is his dream forward He’s for TEAM AUSTRALIA but not a supporter of Abbott sucking up to incompatible cultures telling them they should join. He’s even against Abbott saying if you want to migrate you need to join. Bolt’s advice is simple ban them! Tourism it might be  fine as long as it’s done through stringent vetting channels.Tourism through  a fish bowl might be ok as we couldn’t be tainted by these other cultures. After all Ebola in Africa should be a warning about the traffic flow of people and it’s consequences. No Islamic tourists or students should not even for commercial reasons let alone taken on as immigrants. ISIL is in Indonesia.  So there goes the Melbourne Cup because  thoroughbred owners many of whom are Muslim and most likely funding ISIS

Bolt is such a hypocrite he’s right wing  and extremely pro-Israel and anti- multiculturalism. He totally supports Israel and it’s right-wing government which is vehemently anti -assimilation and pro Multiculturalism. A country that definitely doesn’t want Team Israel, doesn’t want inter racial marriage Jews with Muslims and certainly doesn’t want it’s women converting because Judaism is both a religion and a race. A Jewish pillar is “you know who your mother is  but not your father” still holds in Rabbinical law. Right wing and religious Jews in Israel want clear and defined multicultural guidelines. I have no issue with this and nor would the majority of this the friendly multicultural city that tourists seem to love. Bolt has no tolerance for any of this which is fine by us. He should piss off and we all promise to smile while the hypocrite is doing it.

Would Bolt pass a Team Australia test a simple one like the Taxi drivers have to do? 100% fail, no harder like Financial Planners are required to do.  You can’t get simpler than that he’d still fail. I’ll bet Bolt does not know.

  • The words to Advance Australia Fair
  • The last four captains of the Aussie Cricket team
  • Know the directions to Reservoir
  • Or even know what the first 4 Holden models were

I said simple cultural questions.So would Andrew Bolt please stand up and leave or get a 457 visa while here. Take classes in friendliness and livability and Assimilate before trying to re-enter this country. I don’t think he’d get in to Team Australia. I’d hope ASIO with their increased budget  would have him banned as a verbal terrorist a vilifier a history denier like  Holocaust deniers. Bolt denies  this city for him it’s not the most livable it’s not the most friendly it’s infested with cultural deviants and dangerous areas where white racists fear to go. Bolt is a closet Multiculturalist but walls need to be built to prevent any cross fertilisation for Christ sake his son might fall in love with Jasmine

Andrew Bolt is a racist with a missionary mindset who believes in manners before dollars. How F*****g paternal & curmudgeon

Andrew Bolt plays the man and not the ball

Bolt who whines at the drop of a hat and has done so for years  about his misguided treatment and ‘guilty finding ‘ under the RDA  section 18C  has the spite to question the wisdom of  The Cape York Welfare Trial that was put together under the leadership of Noel Pearson? Bolt who has media access 24/7 and has made our ears and eyeballs bleed with his hard luck story raises Noel Pearson’s manners as his confirmation of doubt about the project. What an unpolished turd is.

Because The Cape York Welfare Trail has been such a success Bolt can’t criticize it directly but he does it by innuendo slur.

“Noel Pearson’s name – and political contacts – save a program I am assured does good, but comes at an astonishing cost:”

$100 million is incredible, given the four towns between them have fewer than 3500 people, according to census figures.

Does Bolt mention the trial was over a 4 year period and equates to approx $7000 per head? Bolts blog is full of “I hear” and “I heard” all second-hand crap cobbled together to deliver his sucker punch:

The story presented a troubling portrait of a charismatic bully who has extracted millions of dollars of funding for indigenous programs from governments and corporations, via persuasion or browbeating. The portrait of Pearson’s older brother, Gerhardt, was also troubling. 

What’s “troubling” Bolt? The lack of kowtowing?

What Bolt can’t say “don’t give them the money ” because  that’s too obvious  the program is a success and even has the support of people he sucks up to. However because the Pearson brothers don’t reflect the manners of grateful blacks is Bolt’s issue. That Noel can hold a grudge against white professionals and journalists somehow lessens his qualifications to be in charge of a $100 mill scheme.  Tony ” you fucking lesbian bitch” Abbott is our PM and I agree he doesn’t deserve to run this country given his last 8 mths in government but not because of his potty mouth alone.

Pearson has the strong support and admiration of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and The Australian newspaper, so he may well do far more good than I am aware of, having met him only once (and cordially).

“But this account, from Paul Sheehan, only confirms my doubts:

Brave is the mother who reveals nothing ,what doubt’s?

Like the Racist missionaries before him Bolt the lizard just slithers and slurs just for the sake slithering and slurring rather than congratulating the success of a community welfare program started in 2008. Oh! under Labour is that  your problem Bolt?

The prick has been whingeing for five years about how unfairly he’s been treated. He has access to the media so we know how damaged he is . However he  has no empathy for people who have experienced the meaning of unfairness know, the meaning of misrepresentation, live the meaning of struggle  and continue to be demeaned by dumb fucks like Bolt . A few fucks and cunts used by men with the right to use them get’s the message across. Good on you Noel! I see Bolt made no attempt at journalism .

Your demand for manners is insulting as it is racist Andrew Bolt in a most underhanded and sleazy way, as is your confirmation of unspecified “doubts”  you sanctimonious pillock. Your mate Abbott’s rise to PM is riddled with expletives & abuse you prick.

Another Bad Hair Week


741,700 officially unemployed people in the country (  Trading Economics)  are required apply for 40 jobs per month out of the approximately 146,100 jobs that are available (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ analysis of advertised job positions in May. However unemployed people face the loss of payments as a punishment for spamming employers with unsatisfactory applications to meet tough job search rules, the Abbott government has warned.

“Job seekers who do not make satisfactory job search efforts, including not diversifying their efforts to approach a range of employers and use a range of job search techniques, can be subject to compliance action, including ultimately financial penalties,”

In other words, genuine job seekers are like genuine refugees: only the government can determine who fits the criteria – and no-one fits the criteria. Unemployment figures will rapidly drop as people are penalized and kicked off the scheme.

The Australian government have been impressively resolute over MH17: demanding an investigation, accusing Russia of culpability, rallying for the UN to send in teams. However now that the US and the European Union are imposing harsh sanctions against Russia Tony Abbott is thinking “…oooh, seems a bit much.”

“At the moment our focus is not on sanctions,” “Our focus is on bringing home our dead. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again – that’s the approach that the Australian government and our international partners, particularly the Dutch, have got to this.”


Last week, when Russia struck back applying sanctions to agricultural products, Australia was also affected. Had the PM forgotten sanctions were placed on Russia back in March when they annexed Crimea. The farmers affected like the our motor industry will not be receiving any support.

George Brandis has been given the go ahead to do whatever he wants yet again having done so well till now. ASIO can do whatever they want to spy on us. We have so many ex German, Romanian secret service people here there is no shortage of advice available to him

“It’s not the purpose of this bill to place any constraints at all on freedom of discussion,” Brandis explained, presumably before howling with laughter at his own hilarity and taking a few moments to contain himself.“”We are a government that believes very strongly in freedom of speech and freedom of the press.”

Now that no changes to the RAD section 18C will be tabled everything will be consistent and massive constraints on people’s freedom are, obviously, there for protecting people’s freedom. 

Our man in charge of our largest people smuggling operation Scott Morrison has an even more secret maneuver  planned. At it’s best it will for the meager cost of $ 40 mill in ‘foreign aid’ disappear 4000 asylum seekers from Nauru. This will be called ‘resettlement’ and the minute they have landed no longer be Australia’s responsibility. Should anything untoward happen to these people the responsibility will be Cambodia’s. As Morrison pointed out.

“resettlement does not mean first world resettlement”

Like SriLanka Cambodia is only rumoured to have human rights issues and those rumours have no substance as far as Australia is concerned. Rumours of mental health issues spread by the UNHRC are base less and if there is one or two cases they will obviously be dealt with in Cambodia with whatever is left of the $ 40 mill to be distributed. It’s strange that the coalition in opposition rejected the same scheme Labour had put in place with Malaysia whose infrastructure is far superior to Cambodia’s

Poor Joe Hockey ‘pilloried’ I think is the appropriate word. He should never have gone to Fiji on that holiday, released his book or been allowed loose in public

”poorest people either don’t have cars or actually don’t drive very far in many cases”

Even if the statistics as presented to Hockey by advisers were right the presentation was appalling.’Politics is not a statistical game, it’s an emotional game. It was a dopey remark that should have been realized straight away and corrected.”n his apology on 2GB on Friday, Mr Hockey used the words ”sorry” and ”apologise” eight times – and his voice carried genuine emotion. However it was a grovel that was too late and long in coming.

Can anybody tell me in clear an simple terms why Tony Abbott has been away. Is it because he is a poll driven politician like Rudd. His ratings improved while he was away last time so let’s send him off again. Why to give his personal condolences to the Dutch PM. You send condolences. We do however have to admit he hasn’t lost his silver tongue putting the Scots offside. Did he take his office with him? The control centre lost their centre of gravity while the PM was out of town and all his ministers had a go with the media all in one way or another kicking own goals. Where was the iron hand of Peta Credlin? Her mind seemed to go for a walk. Maybe because her husbands name kept coming up in the NSW crime & corruption hearings.

Strange week yet again I’m sure they are happy it’s over







Harold Holt went under and disappeared maybe It’s Time for Tony Abbott to put on his budgies and do the same


In 1967, Prime Minister Harold Holt said that he knew of no other free country where “what is produced by the community is more fairly and evenly distributed among the community” than it was in Australia.

The pillars of egalitarianism in Australia were high wages, high home ownership and low unemployment.

The figures tell a different story.  While big business continues to rake in record profits, wage rises have been so low over the past year that most workers have gone backwards.this at a time when productivity is at an all time high.

Not only is the minimum wage under attack, penalty rates are also in the firing line.On Tuesday, Assistant Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs said it was unfair that small businesses had to pay double on Sundays and triple on New Year’s Eve, and it was on the government’s radar.

ACTU boss Ged Kearney said dropping penalty rates will not increase jobs or help small business but damage the economy by lowering the amount of money people spend in stores and restaurants.

“You cut $200 a week out of someone’s pay . . . and small business will be the first to suffer,” she said.

Despite rising unemployment, the Coalition plans to expand the 457 visa program, remove existing controls on employers, abolish any training obligations and open the program up to more semi-skilled workers.

So with an active push to reduce wages, no plan to create jobs amidst rising unemployment, movement away from federal action on affordable housing while encouraging investors to drive up housing prices, one wonders what Mr Holt would have to say about Abbott’s Australia.

Bolt never stops being a self serving one trick pony


If a parent keeps telling their  children not to speak to strangers  risks the development of inappropriate fear in their children. Social Psychology and Socialization theory tells us abuse breeds abuse, fear breeds fear. Andrew Bolt  a fear monger

Bolt protests antisemitism more than a Jew. He draws attention to it more than an antisemite. He attacks Islam more than people under threat of Islamists do. Israelis don’t  denigrate Islam Jews don’t Bolt does. Yazidis lived in the Iraq region 700 years they were accomodated as were Aramaic Christians. ISIL came to being and and changed that. Bolt simply says “see what Islam is doing”. He is the KKK who blames the black race for  smiling at his daughter. He’s the man who says it’s in the ‘nature’ of a Muslim if their angered when he calls them degenerate towel heads that don’t belong here.

Bolt drags out obscure selective pieces of evidence to prove his meaningless points. Basically he believes Islam is an inferior Culture which gives rise to inferior outcomes in their personal behavior.  He quotes a psychiatrist  Tanveer Ahmed anecdotal report of  “Muslims must face up to some bad apples “

Well given psychiatric training is generally pharmacological in it’s approach to mental illness and less social or psychological  Tanveer Ahmed is merely passing an opinion about parents of prisoners. He fails to mention that Lebanese are 7th per capita on ethnic groups in Australian prisons. That the top 4 after Aborigines are  all Christian.  So what’s Bolt’s point he never really does cut mustard. Tanveer Ahmed might well have said that Christian parents must face up to bad apples as they have more kids in jail than Muslims per capita New Zealanders, Samoans Tongans British etc.

What a gloat he is having at the moment Mike Carleton is being investigated under section 18C. Bolt also suggests his  leftie friends are there to rally behind him. Of course Bolt had no friends to do so for him when charged I believe. He railed against the Jewish community, prosecutor &   judge all Jewish  of him at the time and hints it will be the support and strength of the left that will get Carleton off. Nothing to do with the law was it Andrew.

Bolt holds himself up as the defender of the Jewish race.Yet he has re-posted the SMH  offending cartoon more times than anyone else. He raises the issue of antisemitism more times than anybody else and declares himself as Israel’s  greatest media defender. He  is so self serving.

Yesterday he allowed his supporters to suggest 2.2 – 2.8 billion Muslims  worldwide,that 28 million were dangerous fanatics and the numbers were on the rise. Sorry the updated count is 1.6 billion 60 different nationalities and 134 different languages not that unified. 317 mill in the Middle East and Nth Africa. The total number of fundamentalists being 15-20k only in Iraq. They are actually in coalition with Baathist and Sunni tribes  to get rid of the current government however it’s a temporary alliance of convenience. This is  more a civil war than an Islamic move for expansion. Terror is a weapon used  and abused in all wars think PolPot, Stalin Uganda Bosnia etc etc. It’s not peculiarly Islamic

Idiot of the week Cup. The winner is……..


Lifters and Leaners & Lies  

This morning it was for sale now it’s not?????

Has the LNP been hacked?  Abbott and Brandis told us there is a National Security issue & their on to it!! They still have a metadata issue and haven’t a clue who the IP above belongs to.. Does it belong to the LNP trying to beat Labour to the domain or does it belong to them because they have decided to be their own Fact Checkers from here on in. It no longer goes the Libs home page but it’s not been taken down. But  it’s now is For Sale and listed on international real estate sites as a luxe island near a Barrier Reef peninsula soon to be developed.

Abbott is away so the the award for Klutz of the week goes to Erica Betz for her abortion/cancer link or G. Brandis for his lack of any understanding of the concept of metadata and trying to bluff his way through an interview to prove to Tony he doesn’t botch everything. Away or not Abbott is in the race because he is away  he’d be in it if he wasn’t so he went away. He decided the indigenous people of this country deserve less attention than 38 citizens killed in a that accident he wants to nail Putin for . He has promised for over a year to go back and talk to  He is off one suspects to escape the critical eye of local politics and running the country. I don’t Galarrwuy Yunupingu : but been a no show nevertheless he’s allocated $30mill for truancy officers for no shows. I think it’s not Hockey’s cup unless there’s one for sooks of the week. He has lost a lot of his polish because he hasn’t had the media attention he once had. The dark horse however is an experienced one is Kevin Andrews  Minister for Social Services who – for those of you who missed it – had to clear up a memorandum issued with his authority, which said:

“that the following would not be considered gainful work when considering reduced waiting periods for unemployment benefits: ‘domestic or gardening tasks” at the applicant’s house of that of a family member, work ”for the purpose of achieving election of the person to public office” and work that involves nudity or is in the sex industry.

Mr Andrews has since clarified that people doing live modelling for artists would be considered to be working even though they were sitting perfectly still.Similarly, those working in the sex industry will be considered to be in “gainful work”

You can’t say that this government isn’t fair unless your a Public Servant it’s banned

Thanks largely to



Kevin Andrews Oh f**k they say he’s even further right than Abbott. He has $20 mill and can’t give it away. 100,000 marriage counseling vouchers for de facto couples in the hope they might get married. $200 a pop and he has off loaded only 4000. How Catholic of him he and his wife get done as R&R every now and then. My partner and I have been in a de facto relationship for 43 years. I wonder what the counselor would have to say to us. The majority of our friends have been serially married maybe he should find takers amongst them. But know it’s only for de factos. He apparently has been trying the wedding fairs and nobody stops. Because their in love Kevin. Sounds as if he  will get rid of them in 2016 in the LNP election showbag

In December 2013, as Social Services Minister, Andrews introduced to the House of Representatives a bill repealing almost all of the gambling harm-minimisation measures passed by the Gillard Labor government in November 2012. a straight capitulation to the power of the pokies lobby,”.

Australian Hotels Association are on of the top donars to the liberal party.

We currently hear from our Social Services minister:Mr Andrews has already revealed the government is looking at changes that would see more people under the age of 40 on the DSP checked to see whether they could work and temporary payments for potentially impermanent conditions to prevent the number of those in the system from ballooning to one million.Under Mr Andrews’ mooted change, disability pensioners who were assessed by their family doctors – before Labor tightened the system in 2011 – would be re-examined by medical experts at the Department of Human Services.

 ” nation’s welfare system is “unsustainable” and large, urgent changes must be made to the disability pension and the general unemployment benefit.”

Andrews is pushing the idea that pensioners suffering “episodic” illnesses such as depression should be given monthly or quarterly medical certificates rather than getting two-year “set and forget” pensions. This idea, he said, was particularly important given there were now more disability pensioners suffering from psychological conditions. However Mr Andrews was able to find $20 million for marriage guidance counseling vouchers. This of course has nothing to do with the fact that he and his wife are/were involved in the marriage counseling business.

On August 4th, Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews launched 2014 Homeless Persons Week

 “We have made a good start with all states and territories signing the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, which will allow us to start working collaboratively to achieve a lasting legacy of helping all Australians find appropriate housing.”

What Mr Andrews fails to point out is that the states and territories already had a signed deal with the previous government and he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to renew that commitment, but in so doing, he cut $44 million that was to be spent on capital works or 10,000 houses.

Kevin Andrew’s media release:

“In the year ahead we will review housing and homelessness policies and programmes to examine ways to improve housing supply and affordability.  This review will feed into the Government’s White Papers on Reform of the Federation and on taxation.”

Urgent has been yet again replaced by investigative committees and exhaustive consultaion to look into the matter.

When talking about the importance of education in breaking the cycle of homelessness, Tony Abbott made much of his decision to spend $30 million on truancy officers to keep aboriginal kids in school.  He did not mention that his government cut $1.6 million in funding in November for a school bus service that transported students from town camps to five schools in Alice Springs. The plan is to punish the parents for their children’s inability to get to school.

Add to this the cuts to legal aid and family violence programs, the closure of many refuges, and the withdrawal of any support for young people for half the year, and it is clear that this government has no concern about a growing problem and are instead exacerbating the situation of our most vulnerable citizens.It appears Andrews is reflecting on how to abrogate any federal responsibility by passing the buck to the states.

With the crisis in youth unemployment, and the government’s focus on “earn or learn”, they also made the inexplicable decision to cut funding to the Youth Connections program which provides funding to local youth services to support young people at risk of disengaging from education and work. This has been regarded as an extremely successful program. Youth Connections fills a critical gap in services and with youth unemployment at crisis levels in some areas, it’s just not the time to be cutting a program like this.”The average cost of putting a young person through a Youth Connections program is just over $2000.  Youth Connections works, it’s cost effective and it makes absolutely no sense when the Government’s talking about reducing unemployment to cut the very programs that help unemployed young people into the training they need or into the jobs that they can stick to.

I believe he  thinks  he is doing extremely well as the Minister for Homelessness as  those figures are showing a marked rise. I can picture Kevin and Eric doing high fives in the corridors of parliament celebrating the rises in their respective graphs

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Andrew Bolt protests  antisemitism  on a daily basis  and loudly. He delivers his protest far more than the Australian Jewish News. Margret Thatchers advice on terrorism is revealing here I think. “that if you really wish to protect citizens, you do so by discouraging media coverage of it. “Media coverage is the oxygen of terrorism”, observed Thatcher.

The infamous Le Lievre cartoon has been published more by Bolt than anybody in Australian Media as have the anti-Semitic snippets that accompany it. Bolt is relentless in describing instances of prejudicial behavior  he amplifies individual occurrences and presents them as proof of a rising tide of mass hatred.

If a shock jock acts like Bolt feeding the public daily with instances of anti-Semitic events he is not just irresponsible but a self-serving twat who actually incites race hate, violence and extreme acts.

Thatcher made the point  that the only time a government would play the fear card is when it is itself under threat and we see that’s what Abbott is doing now.

But Bolt has been traveling down that road of amplified innuendo years and I suspect he would actually love to see his reality materialize for Tony’s benefit.

Bolts stories of anti-Semitic hatred are never really up close & personal  they are “a rabbi in Perth” or “a guy in Caulfield” stories  to try to substantiate  the fragmentation of his idealised image of Melbourne. Bolt wants to import anti-semitism as much as he wants to export Islam. I’m Jewish and I don’t trust the man and nor should the Jewish community.

Arabs can walk in Caulfield and St Kilda without impunity, Jews can go to Sydney road without hiding their identities Bolt can’t he hangs in Malvern or when on holiday leaves the country or the city. He never writes about  the Josh Frydenberg & Ed Husics real people ,Jew and Muslim, Lib and Labour who are best mates. This town is full of Frydenberg and Husic stories of families that enjoy each others company. Bolt never really mentions his close family relationships with anyone.Why was was this voted the most livable city  Bolt?

My question is why doesn’t the Jewish community reveal him for what he is. Isn’t it ultra racist to pretend to defend Jews so loudly only to be creating and inflaming the Jewish hatred you claim to abhor?

“me doth think he protest too much” a wolf in sheeps clothing,  a 5th columnist I suspect.

By the way the LNP has never been the natural home of either the Jew or Muslim and I doubt if Bolt has too many friends left of center right.

Tony Abbott Ultra Racist ? 38 people on Mh17 are more important than……….



Yothu Yindi Foundation chairman Galarrwuy Yunupingu at Garma 2014

10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know

“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.”

We each are the difference

Click on the above

 Aboriginal leader chides Prime Minister Tony Abbott for absence at NT Garma Festival

One of Australia’s most prominent land rights activists says Prime Minister Tony Abbott has broken a promise to meet with him and discuss the issue.

Former Australian of the Year Galarrwuy Yunupingu was speaking during the main forum at the Garma Festival near the mining town of Nhulunbuy.

Mr Yunupingu, the Yothu Yindi Foundation chairman, told the crowd – which included Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and representatives from mining company Rio Tinto – that Mr Abbott had promised to attend Garma but never showed.

Yothu Yindi Foundation chairman Galarrwuy Yunupingu :

“He promised me to come to this meeting, to today’s meeting. Well, he didn’t come yesterday. I wonder if he’ll come?” Mr Yunupingu said.

“We’ll excuse him, but he’ll come, and when he does come he’ll get the message.

“It’s all about land rights. Last time I meet him was in this room. It was a brand new building. I said to him that I had a message for him.

He promised me to come to this meeting, to today’s meeting. Well he didn’t come yesterday. I wonder if he’ll come?

“Land rights is the most pressing issue for Aboriginal people in north-east Arnhem Land.”

In a statement, Mr Abbott said he would fulfill his commitment in a few weeks.

Over a year has passed and Tony Abbott is too busy he is in the Netherlands apologising for another broken promise to bring home the bodies of 38 people

10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ultra Racist

Murdoch Needs to sell Papers, Abbott needs another Sovereign Borders Win Win

 LNP needs the attention off them & Murdoch get’s to sell more papers a win win for both.

We could also point here to Margaret Thatcher’s very wise policy on terrorism – that if you really wish to protect citizens, you do so by discouraging media coverage of it. “Media coverage is the oxygen of terrorism”, observed Thatcher. If politicians act irresponsibly and feed media with national security fears, they can actually incite race hate, violence and extreme acts. Therefore, the only time a government would play this card is when it is itself under threat and Tony Abbott is feeling just that.

 The government will today unveil national security legislative changes – first revealed by the Daily Telegraph –  at the beginning of July. It was response to the recent phenomenon of two Australian jihadists fighting abroad. Mr Brandis has named the domestic threat to national security the most serious “in decades” and requiring a strengthening of National Security “to bring the Islamic community on side”

The result has been the creation of  an intended division in the Australian community and a nasty shift in political culture set to rival the depravity of the asylum seeker situation. Abbott’s PR team even foreshadowed that the revamp of counter-terrorism measures would emulate the techniques used in Operation Sovereign Borders. The creation of ‘Team Australia’ is made possible by defining some Australian citizens as aliens that are either real or imagined threats to some idealised Australian way of life. A life that Andrew Bolt keeps referring to being constantly at threat by incompatible cultures.

It  is projected beyond the current headlines to be one we must face for 100 years. The Australian has followed this up today with ‘exclusive images’ of the severed heads those from back in July being held up by the son of one of the jihadists, followed by comments from Abbott on the barbarism of the image.

The great irony of last week’s events is that Abbott actually does have a legitimate ‘moral panic’ card he can play to the electorate that would do a much better job than terrorism in generating something for the voters to really think about but can’t use it. Climate Change could have easily been his new threat but he burnt that bridge long ago. So it’s the Labour voting Islamic community that’s to bear the brunt.

A loss for the targeted minority







What has Cambodia, PNG,and Nauru have in common??


Where will our Foreign AID go

The Abbott governments Foreign Aid policy has changed to ‘Quid Pro Quo’. In other  words we must be seen to be getting something  in return Foreign Trade not so much Aid. Half of Cambodia lives in poverty and we are trying to send 1000 refugees there for resettlement. We are one of Cambodia’s largest aid benefactors. With a dramatic cut back elsewhere Cambodia’s will increase. However it has more than doubled for “Cross Regional Programs” which starts to smell of bribe. What aid programs will be scarified in order to accommodate the trafficked asylum seekers. Will the costs be regarded as our Aid obligation?

The Hun Sen government in Cambodia is notoriously corrupt. Hun Sen and his Cambodia People’s Party have also regularly been accused of rigging elections and paying scant attention to human rights. Freedom House assessed Cambodia to be “not free”. A recent report by the US State Department drew attention to three key human rights issues:

a politicised and ineffective judiciary, constraints on freedom of press and assembly, and abuse of prison detainees.

Like Sri Lanka & PNG we can expect Australia not to criticize the Hun Sen government for corruption and human rights abuses in return for agreeing to an Australian-funded resettlement program.

Incidentally, Papua New Guinea ranks only 16 places above Cambodia on Transparency International’s index. The US State Department has expressed serious concerns about PNG’s human rights record, too, listing “severe police abuse of detainees and police and military abuse of citizens; violence and discrimination against women; and vigilante killings and abuses” in a report published last year.

Morrison’s response:

“Resettlement is freedom from persecution, it’s not a ticket to a first-class economy.”

” They will have freedom of movement … can work, [and] their children can go to school.”

Vietnamese Cambodians are:

…deprived of citizenship, trapped in poverty, lack access to education, live under deplorable conditions, and are shut out from economic, social, and political life.

However not withstanding the government’s willingness to underwrite Cambodia’s resettlement program, it is not clear whether Cambodia will have the resources to deal adequately with the challenges posed by refugees who have no family to support them and who cannot draw on the experiences and assistance of members of the same ethnic community who have been resettled before them. What  life is awaiting Iranian, Afghan and Tamil refugees currently in limbo in Nauru?

According to the Center for International Refugee Law.

“it’s a flawed deal” the refugees should be resettled here “It would be far cheaper for Australia. It would be a better outcome for human rights it would be more legally compliant, and it would be better for these refugees who have been extremely traumatised by their incarceration.”

Cambodia like PNG and Nauru have no infrastructure for resettlement or any services to assist. It of course will Australian Foreign Aid or the LNP self help program with a little on the side for those with their hands out. However Morrison hasn’t mentioned what Cambodia is getting because it’s not his department it’s Bishops.Cambodia is ranked 160 of177 countries for transparancy and human rights abuse. Can the Australian government be charged as was the Wheat Board & Securancy International for paying bribes to secure a contract? Because that’s what will be required.

The Cambodian opposition has said

“Cambodia is not a rich country and should not fall under Australian policies of dumping refugees”

Tom Vargas UNHCR said

“The deal is not in the spirit of resettlement that Cambodia itself was recovering from a civil war that killed millions of it’s people”

When Scott Morrison is in charge of a Department that’s noted for people smuggling, fraud and crime of which Morrison like Sgt Schulz  of Hogan’s Heroes says”he knows nothing”, why are we expected to believe the man is conducting a non- transparent deal with Cambodia. Isn’t he complicit in foreign corruption. Directors of corporations have been charged for these sorts of offenses.






The training ground hasn’t changed since Abbott’s days

David Marr and Barbara Ramjan documented Tony Abbott’s days as a baby polly. The bully of Sydney university campus prone to fits of bad behaviour when not getting his way. Physical violence and foul language it was said was not unusual for our tostesterone fueled PM.

It seems nothing much has changed in the liberal camp apart for the tecnology and the delivery of the message. Young pollies in training have taken to the Abbott handbook on how to make it in our democratic system. This is not the hand book of a grass roots politician this is the guide for the true professional.

Farrah Tomazin a favourite journo of the Victorian Libs recently may not be greeted with  open arms for her article shared with Henrietta Cook in Sunday Age:

Misogynist rants from Young Libs

Young Liberals at one of the country’s most elite universities have posted racist, crude and misogynist comments on social media, describing women as ”sluts”, Muslims as ”degenerates” and saying all feminists are ugly

“.Club treasurer Stefan Eracleous describes Ms Greer as a ”lying f—ing c-m guzzling slut … and a union member’

Does this man remind you of anybody? Does he see a window of opportunity and know the short cut to the lodge

Read more:

Melbourne University Liberal Club members attack feminist and alumni Germaine Greer, take aim at homosexuality, and repeatedly demean women.

‘She doesn’t believe in God. No kids not married … what do you [e]xpect from a melb uni educated former socialist c—,”
He also refers to London as ”the gay capital of the world” and appears to hit out at Muslims, telling a friend: ”Just be careful of those mussrats. A lot of them are [a] bunch of Third World degenerate c—s.”
Taken from Tony’s handbook 101: Deny everything
Club president Michael Sabljak said he was not aware of the comments until The Sunday Age contacted him because they were not on an official Melbourne University Liberal forum, but denied the club had a homophobic, sexist or misogynistic culture.

Mr Eracleous refused to provide any comment despite being contacted by The Sunday Age a number of times. Mr Cartney said he was not prepared to provide a response without evidence. Despite being given the relevant material, he still had not commented.
Great for their CV’s .Which one will get the top job is the question. The bookies have shortened their odds or it might be too early to say.

The revelations follow the resignation of two Liberal candidates for the state election in recent days over offensive social media posts. Bendigo West candidate Jack Lyons quit last week after it was revealed he wrote dozens of offensive Facebook posts, including racist comments about people from China and Africa.

Former Young Liberals president Aaron Lane, who had been endorsed as the party’s candidate for Western Region in the upper house, resigned the previous week after he was exposed for tweeting a barrage of crude comments which included the derogatory term ”faggot”.

It’s obviously an advantage in urban and federal arenas and doesn’t translate well to state and rural enviroments. But let’s face it  has been  the foundation of Liberal born to rule training and practise for years.
These are the role models

Two faces of Abbott

One of them is Abbott

Mr Abbott addresses his peers

 Huffington Post UK

Tony Abbott’s Education Guru Keven Donnelly Backs Bringing Back The Cane. Australian prime minister Tony Abbott’s newly appointed ‘Education Tsar’ has suggested caning children in schools could be “very effective… if it’s done properly”.  Kevin Donnelly,  said he had “no problem” with children being struck to keep them in line, as long as it was done safely. 14/7/14

  1. The child should not be bigger than the teacher
  2. It should be done in strict privacy generally at night
  3. The teacher should be allowed to wear a hood
  4. Witnesses and videos are allowed

Run Rabbott run. Immigration found to be Australia’s biggest people smuggler

 Tony Abbott in silhouette

 A dark shadow is cast whenever this man opens his mouth. He runs a government that justifies it’s policies with fear. On most public outings he is linking national security with border security and “economic security”, which apparently can be best attained by supporting his budget. Labour can’t be trusted with the economy or the security of the nation. “We have to be ready and that’s certainly what this government will do.  We will keep our borders secure, not just from illegal boats but from returning Australians as well.”Who will have to prove to us that their ‘true blue”.

Abbott fails to mention that he runs the largest people smuggling organisation and it’s not in Indonesia or any other overseas country. The Australian Immigration Department allows rampant visa fraud and migration crime. It involves people flying into Australia and going unchecked while the government focuses on stopping the boats. This is  according to secret government files which detail the entrenched Immigration Department failings.Files that Martin Bowles has certainly been aware of and Scott Morrison must have seen as minister. Any wonder it’s become the department for no information. Abbott’s off to the Netherlands to personally thank the Dutch Prime Minister for his involvement in trying to find 39 victims of MH17 he’s a man in mourning and it’s beyond a diplomat’s job. Run Rabbott run.

According to reports 80% of visa applications are fraudulent and  persons with known terrorist links are already here in the country under false ID’s. We don’t know who’s who in our zoo and that’s over 500,000 people in the past 10 years with millions and millions of dollars exchanged . All this has come to light because one department officer was found and allowed to leave the country with $1.3 million dollars. Hey the Immigration Department let her leave with the money. Is Morrison considering amnesty for all involved if they remain silent?  The reports indicate fraud is systemic throughout the department and any thorough investigation stymied for lack of funds.

“Fairfax Media has confirmed this network was never properly probed, allowing many of its members – including federal government licensed agents – to continue to operate.”

“the February 2013 ”report relating to the agency’s declining capacity to investigate fraud against its own programs” was written by still-serving immigration official and former assistant director of investigations Wayne Sievers.”

“Major organisers of fraud on Australia’s immigration and citizenship programs realistically need have little fear of detection, arrest and prosecution.”

Scott Morrison of course blames Labour however the reports refer back to the Howard era and the ‘Tampa election’ in 2001. Our point is  that Scott Morrison has been in charge for 8 months and the information was available to him. Martin Bowles  his department head was certainly aware of these reports which aren’t an incidental matter when you’ve declared people smugglers the center of attention.  Furthermore Coalitions budget cuts which are going to merge Immigration and Customs in 2015 will take time to organize which suggests this was just going to be swept under the carpet. Meanwhile it will be business as usual while we shame and blame the most needy and care for them in Punishment Park.

The size and extent of organized crime in immigration magnifies the Coalition’s cynical and remorseless use of the most desparate of asylum seekers, their  torture by this heartless government for little more than it’s political ends. The no information policy of Morrison’s now seems more of a cover up of it’s own hypocracy.  His knowledge of what’s really been going on patently clear. The level of cynicism is shown when spokeswoman for the Immigration  said the allegations about administration would be looked into . The minister would seek an urgent report from his department on the issues raised and consider further action. For Christ sakes the reports are already there and have been there since Jesus played ruck for Jerusalem. If he knew he should go. If he didn’t know he should go. Either way this government has had a week of disaster.

“The leaked documents cover a period between 2008 and 2013 and consistently show far greater rates of migration fraud than has been publicly revealed, along with warnings that the department was failing to combat it.”

”Major organisers of fraud on Australia’s immigration and citizenship programs realistically need have little fear of detection, arrest and prosecution.”



2013″ We have policies but wont tell you yet” 2014 “We have plans but wont tell you yet”


Abbott’s plan is as sneaky as you could get…move left ….move left. Was it the party room grumble he heard? Was it the possibility that Credlin might be sullied by the corruption commission’s outing of her husband Brian and all this was too close to home. When you have Brandis, Hockey and Abetz all caught with their feet in their mouths it’s not a good look. Especially being caught standing next to them and having to publicly correct them. Mind you the old saying “you know who your friends are but keep your enemies closer” comes to mind. So the quick shift to Malcolm territory the defacto head of Labour . Despite the fact that Malcolm was seen boozing it up with Clive yet again the other day Andrew Bolt kept shtum for Team Australia or  silent because he was pissed at Tony.

The shock jocks of the right are in trouble. They are going to have to move with Tony,but how far? It would be ironic if too far and looked  left of the ABC.  Though bruised by Abbott dropping the move against section 18C  of the Racial Discrimination Act Andrew Bolt praised Abbott for his ‘tactical and political pragmatism’, Bolt said “he had no option. He had to do something. He had to cut his losses” Bolt claimed the minority migrant push and the leftist media forced his hand. Abbott needed what would seem  a good trade off. What  better than national unity for national security. Bolt still has Climate, Islam, the Constitution,  all the old regulars issues  as long as he polishes Tony with them and doesn’t use them against him.

Let’s face it they are falling apart and unravelling. It’s now revealed that  the war on people smugglers, boats and Sovereign borders is patently a ruse. The largest people smuggling organisation is in fact and always has been the Immigration Department. It’s not  just a pair of rogue Indian public servants either. Scott Morrison has been only a figure head for political gain  used, employed, and suckered to keep the attention on a few hapless boat people when millions of dollars were streaming through our front doors along with countless unidentified people. Those coming by boat were  cargo class, pennies and cents passengers compared the money  spent coming through the front door. Any wonder the Immigration Department had become the ‘No information Department’.The Bunsen burner should have been on the belly of the Howard government who started using asylum seekers as a diversion for political gain while closing a blind eye to the development of the real smuggling industry and allowing it to flourish. People on false passports false visas 80% of applications lies. For that alone Scott Morrison needs to go his unwavering  attitude to those really suffering was helping the people smuggling industry.  He should go. He became minister and took no notice of the department he was running.

To finish up .Unemployment has gone up and what do we hear from Abetz “it’s not a government ministers job to predict the future” Then why does the government always use forward estimates to justify itself or to lampoon the opposition? How do governments formulate policy without prediction and trying to second guess the unintended  consequences. Why is so much money being spent on consultative advice? Brandis is just as bad suggesting his comment “bigots should be allowed to be bigots” was just rhetoric as in some school debate and therefore didn’t reflect on the government. It’s the public that got it wrong. I really do wish Sophie Mirabella had won her seat  we’d have been assured this government would not have survived the year.1610108_10151969819173121_1596835166_n.jpg

False Gods


 “Climate Science is the new false god” Bolt’s repititious mantra.

  It’s costing the economy  by it’s inexactness.  It’s unable explain or predict  the untimely end of hundreds fish washed up on the ninety mile beach a few weeks ago. According to Bolt the whole science needs to be washed up. Applying Bolt’s argument of inaccuracy to all sciences first year uni students might as well drop out now.

 From Physicists to Economists and everything between unless it’s cheap drop it. Believers in these inexact sciences are bowing to false gods. Luddite springs to mind. An inquiring mind is the devil’s playground.  For Bolt the costs of  the research and the associated courses of action suggested by it are unwarranted because what we have now isn’t broken. Imagine the lack of progress this past century had everybody taken this dropkicks advice.

 Sciences aren’t about getting everything right because they don’t even Newton’s Laws have their limitations. Science is a process of inquiry to better understand the world around us. It makes mistakes and moves foward it’s not the activity of one man but a whole global community and 97% of scientists support Global Warming Theory and with it the shift to renewable energy sources and the reduction of CO2. The false god is the the stock market price of coal. The effort Bolt is putting in for Abbott is simply about not letting the price of coal drop.

  Bucketing the science is akin to the church bucketing Gallileo it prevented him publishing for 100 years on the threat of excommunication.  His study of weaponry was supported though. Well Abbott wants to close down the research and anything connected with it. Bolt & Jones are assigned to calling them  heretics and Abbot is forcing them into  change or exile to pursue their careers.

  23% of our energy is now coming from sources other than coal. The wholesale price of electricity has come down. Where has the money gone? Not to us the consumers but to the retailers. Isn’t that the intelligent question. If renewables are a cleaner cheaper form of power surely it’s the way of the future. If other countries  are moving away from coal as their primary energy source it won’t be worth digging out of the ground. Australian coal now costs more now than the wholesale price of electricity in India today so why would they want to buy it. Modi the new PM of India supports a move to solar solutions because he as some of the worlds most polluted cities in India. China and the US are taking similar measures. I wouldn’t advise any body to invest in it. Gina sold out of it. Glencore our biggest coal miner paid zip in tax on a $15 bill profit and was heavily subsidized. How much of the $15bill was our $$$. We have paid them to build a mine and are collecting rent they don’t need to sell product. Investors like BHP have dropped their investment in the train line to Abbott’s point Abbott’s coal selling trip to the US was an energy wasted farce. So what’s the false god COAL

Corman our  Finance Minister has every faith in the science of free market economics and in particular financial service industry. A topic that Bolt doesn’t often address but supports.. Deregulation is  a guarantee of success and trust the pillars holding it together.  Freeing up the finance sector is Corman’s agenda . It’s making way for the secret international TPP agreement about to be signed that will make it easier for multinational companies to operate here. It’s going to safe guard their intelectual property and I assume deregulate pricing by competion. Firstly our access to generic medicines won’t be allowed pushing the price of medication up.  Secondly Multinationals will be able to sue us for any loss of profit if enticed to Australia and they can’t make a proft on agreed terms. We the citizens of this Democracy aren’t allowed to know those term before signing. We know the reputation of our politicians Corman says trust us.

Deregulation of obstacles in the way of financial planners will make things grow or it might putting the chickens back in the hen house with the fox. His response to the cowboys at the CBA   pillaging 4000+++  accounts  was ” an old story”  history and we need “to move foward and put it behind us”. Deregulation of and industry that only shuffles paper and lends money for  commissions one that doesn’t produce anything other than more and more ways to shuffle money even faster for more commissions was the industry that caused the GFC.  The regulations that saved us from the crash are now being removed. Corman says there are sufficient laws in place that cover the issues of corrupt managers should they arise “trust us”

 The law doesn’t seem to be very helpful for the CBA clients out of pocket.  Corman is telling them to “get over it, suck it up and move on”. Why are the regulations needing planners to operate in the best interests of their clients irrelevant  or for them to  reveal  their commissions  too much to ask in the name of tranparancy? Does he believe  ponzi schemes or another crisis is not waiting in the wings?  that planners won’t drive money where commissions are the highest. Why remove the pillars of trust? Regulation is not only there for the 10% of society but for all of us to build trust.

If the law was an equal playing field  and really available ASIC may have had teeth. If legal aid was available to assist the less wealthy maybe planners wouldn’t be so cavalier. However it’s not. The “buyer beware” the caveat remains. The banks lend money, employ planners sell product  and have the best & most expensive legal firms to protect them from their clients?  They are an entire system of trust and non transparancy the whistle blower their biggest fear. Why has it taken the banks so long to fess up to this scandal and so slow to do anything?  Macquarie bank seems uncofortable at the moment as well.  Corman remains fixed on deregulation to assist the flow of money out of our accounts and into the the accounts of the top 10%. Trust is what we are told will make this work. However trust is being eroded by this false god of profit for everyone. Bolt is the maitre’d of Abbots TEA PARTY.


Erosion of Trust and the Rape of Democracy



The world’s 4th most influential macro economists and Nobel prize winner Professor Joseph Stiglitz has declared the deregulation of our universities to be a ” crime ” and the introduction of co-payments for medical services ” absurd ” The adoption of  the American path is this governments two biggest mistakes that will ensure a widening of inequality and an increase in economic stagnation. “Countries that imitate America are kidding themselves”

The system that Pyne openly admires so much Tertiary Education is the worst functioning part of the US market and  in effect closes off opportunity. While the US  now is trying to regulate it we are about to deregulate and freeboot it. which according to Siglitz tantamount to a crime. That’s a strong statement coming from someone who believes in a market economy and has more international awards than all the economic advisers put together in this country.

“Robust higher education, with healthy public support, was once the linchpin in a system that promised opportunity for dedicated students of any means. We now have a pay-to-play, winner-take-all game where the wealthiest are assured a spot, and the rest are compelled to take a gamble on huge debts, with no guarantee of a payoff.” Students that don’t have the social network to support their climb. Is a statement from an expert examining the history of unintended consequences of past decisions.

We admire the US so much Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee a billionaire with a multi-million dollar income only paid 14% income tax and complained called 47% of  Americans  freeloaders” Doesn’t that remind you of Hockey & Abbott’s “Leaners and Lifters” description?

General Electric  the symbol for multinational corporations have their headquarters in the United States & pay almost no taxes 2% average annually over the past 10 years. We have Glencore our top coal miner pays zero tax on a profit  of 15 billion and those earning over $180,000 a 2% temporary levy for 3 years. However the indirect costs being put in place for ordinary Aus are going to stay. The income of the wealthy is far more easily manipulated downward and hidden than that of the average Australian worker.  Hockey & Abbott are spitting in the face of  Australia Fair.

 Government plays an important role not just in social protection, but in making investments in infrastructure, technology, education and health. These are pillars of trust. Without such investments, our economy will be weaker, and our economic growth slower.

 This government want’s to deregulate the financial sector. Financial planners wont be obliged to work in the best interests of their clients. What do these people do? They are paper shufflers people who shuffle paper, sorry  our money for a commission. They don’t produce or create anything other than ideas on how to shuffle more paper the more they churn the more commission they make and they are very creative at creating churning product. Look at what created the GFC and more recently look at the CBA planners. Up close and personal they will all tell you they have a “passion” for making you money, sorry, taking your money, servicing you no no giving you service.  With the aid of CBA’s trusted reputation they talked client’s up to buy more. Trust them and robo- sign yourself into debt. The bank did this with farmers and foreign exchange years ago and then foreclosed on them.This government calls it freeing up opportunity. Stiglitz describes it as stagnant “rent collecting” When trust is eroded the economy stagnates. What are they doing now to rebuild trust of other than the 1%ers?

 Abbott & Hockey have cut research funding, cut tertiary funding & indirectly cut health funding areas essential for confidence & growth. They believe in the honesty of the 1% they say drive the economy forward. However studies have shown that the upper classes are more likely to engage in what has traditionally been considered unethical behavior. Perhaps this is the only way for some to reconcile their worldview with their outlandish financial success, often achieved through actions that reveal a kind of moral deprivation. Behind every knighthood in this country lies some blood on the tracks of people injured in the encounter.

 Corman ,Brandis all say we don’t need regulation we all have access to the law as if that access was an equal playing field. What access did SMSF retirees have after the CBA  ripped them off? 10% compensation for signing a non disclosure agreement. When trust is eroded and the government panders to the 1%ers over and above the general public growth stagnates.  When our media no longer print news  only commentary were do we get information.  The public broadcaster is about to be savaged. When anything that comes close to reporting facts or information it’s declared left wing not just center left or center right. When government incumbant members are hounded as 5th columnists because they are reasonable or trying to find  bipartisan courses of action this country can agree on it’s time for some plain speaking. We are losing our enthusiasm for politics and democracy is being raped.

Give me the boy until seven and I’ll show you the man…..Social Psychology



200,000 Muslims were murdered,not including the numbers injured,raped and billions lost in property damage. This concerted attempt at ethnic cleansing by Bosnian Serbs was never called Christian or Orthodox terrorism. No acts of revenge against Christians ,Westerners or their property were ever carried out in any Middle Eastern or Muslim country.

3000 people died on 9/11 and a war on terror declared  not a war on Islam.

Who is Andrew Bolt when not a right wing opinionator and a convicted racist? The second generation Australian born child of a Dutch migrant satellite family that never really integrated with the communities they lived. A loner he says largely influenced by his mother.Bolt was drawn more to the Dutch culture of his mother than the working class culture of his Australian surrounds. So much so he went to live in Aalsmeer with his mothers relatives too find himself.

During WW2 Aalsmeer a small population was noted for it’s Nazi support the elected mayor & council in particular were recognized for it. 100’s of cases were tried post war during which 75% of Dutch jews were killed. The point being this was a council elected by it’s small population.

Aalsmeer was also noted for flowers & tulips of which Bolt is extremely fond and grows at home..TULIP coincidentally is an anacronym for the 5 principles of Calvinism and the Dutch Reform Church. One principle is belief in the elect or chosen preordained to go to heaven. Bolt claims to be an agnostic but certainly has the characteristics of a true believer in his now  occupation of a media preacher and persistent attacks on Islam. He claims to hate elitests but aspires to cultural tastes rare amongst his audience of ordinary Australians. He railes against academics information and data analysts I suspect that’s because he was a University dropout. A student who felt he didn’t fit in. It also explains why his journalistic niche is commentating rather than researched argument. He has been known to be loose with facts in fact convicted for it under section 18C.

So by his own admission he was raised in a Dutch family, drawn to Dutch culture & tastes, a loner remote from the culture in which he was actually born Australia. His father in law introduced him to Aussie life in his 30’s. His work mates found him polite, distant and a little superior.

Bolt has less in common with the ordinary Aussies he preaches to and more in common with Dutch Afrikaners. His separationist world view was one that gave grounds to Apartheid in South Africa.

Because of his  conviction he has become more of a closet racist but racist nevertheless. His attacks on Islam a religion can’t be denied as anything other than racist and not merely predjudice. 1.6 billion muslims are 98++ % colored . 1 Billion Asian, 300mill  African Middle Eastern and the balance mostly Middle Eastern. These racial groups weren’t recognized in White South Africa during Aparthied. The Dutch Afrikaners in South Africa believed themselves to be god’s  elected people and coloreds a lower species.  He now advocates Islam is a danger to Australia and our Immigration laws need to take this into account. Turning these beliefs into law and regulation will make us a racist nation.

The Islamisation of Asia & Africa was not done by any sword, holy war or any form of terror as Bolt would have us believe.  It was done by trade. Christianity’s record of proselytising on the other hand was far more direct the conquer, rape  and pillage  style.  Christian Europe the great Western Civilization has a history of persecution & conversion at the point of a gun. The US was founded as a result of people fleeing Europe for freedom of belief and opportunity. If Bolt’s Islamaphobia is not a wish to return to the White Australia Policy I’ll kiss his arse.

He is not the Pivot but rather the Pillock of Asia

Tony Abbott’s daughter went out on the town. Walking home she came across an asylum seeker who had swum ashore and was wet and cold. So she took the poor girl home. She gave her a meal, dry clothes and a warm bed for the night. Next morning her dad asked how her night went and she quite proudly told him what she had done. She was surprised at her father’s angry reaction.

“You stupid  naieve do gooder Frances you should have rung Scott don’t you realize you have just ruined the rest of that bastard’s life. Give me the phone…….Hello security!! “

Meanwhile upstairs  young girl lay snuggled  dreaming she was finally safe and away from all the danger.

Abbott and Morrison are spending more money on their war on asylum seekers than on any inland war on terror. They are actively punishing and demonizing desperate people for being out of line, not in queue. Firstly queuing is a very British thing and not a universal phenomenon particularly when your desparate.

The British taught Indians to queue but with a few variations. Unaccompanied women with or without children can jump the queue as can unaccompanied children. The disabled and handicapped can avoid  lining up. However Mr Abbott queuing is not the generally accepted  custom in either Asia,Africa,or the Middle East. So put women and children behind razor wire for not queuing is bad enough  but to hide that activity under a veil of misinformation and secrecy is barbaric.

If Abbott and Morrison justification is that it disadvantages those in line  why haven’t we heard a hue & cry from them? Why haven’t they pointed out the people smugglers  those organizing these boats.  Asylum seekers in the majority don’t seem to see Abbott’s illegals in the same light as Abbott.

The argument that they are mostly economic refugees and not genuine would I assume give genuine refugees more grounds to voice worldwide complaint but we only hear it from our leader? If he is right wouldn’t the UN be patting Abbott on the back instead of reminding him of the human rights agreements he’s breaking? The only hue & cry we do hear is from the village idiots  Andrew Bolt & Alan Jones and the other load scum at the Murdoch press &  2GB. They are Abbott’s media commentators and is rarely found interviewed outside their safe circle.

The prime minister has turned our politics to worse than raw sewage it’s now as engaging as medical waste. He is not interested in foriegn affairs because people outside  don’t vote. Mind you he is not ashamed to take our  internal( blame it on Labour) politics to  the world when delivering  speeches even when the occassion doesn’t warrant it.  World leaders show their countries as a united front on the world stage but not our Tony.  As far as he is concerned we could re-instate the White Australia Policy and our neighbours would continue to trade and respect us. “China respects strength” and afterall we are ” the pivot of Asia “.

Abbott our more of a divot than pivot Abbott a clod or is that the “pillock of Asia”

The new Australian wave when traveling overseas thanks to Scott Morrison


Our image to the rest of the world is no longer the friendly  Scott Morrison’s “Where the bloody hell are you” campaign or “We’ll put another shrimp on the barbie”  it’s “Piss off tun around & Go home” Scott Morrison’s latest ad for the ears of refugee asylum seekers coming by boat. Both campaigns intended to capture a world audience. Now the world is watching not in admiration but  disbelief that Tony Abbott our new PM is so anti refugees.The most under populated continent is denying access and safety to the world’s  most needy.

If you listen to Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones we should be vetting and deporting our own nationals to their countries of origin. Abbott and Morrison would love to put their favorite broadcasters on Radio Australia to cement their message.No matter who if you come by boat you are not welcome. Currently our navy has picked up a boat of 41 people heading for NZ. has transferred to a Sri Lankan navy vessel and returned them back to Sri Lanka. Done and dusted in complete secrecy would have been Morrison’s best outcome. Another vessel of 150 was intercepted and the same was about to occur. However the status of this group is now in legal limbo as their circumstance is different from the group of 41 who sailed from Sri Lanka. These are Sri Lankan Tamils but from the refugee camps of India. India refuses to take them back now that they have left. Australia wanted to return them to the place they fled with another quick and secretive transfer at sea. Their refugee status to be determined by 4 questions over the phone in 20 minutes. Currently their is an injunction before the courts trying to prevent that happening.

One wonders if a persons asylum status can be determined by the Immigration Department in 20 minutes why are so many behind razor wire waiting for their cases to be heard? Australia’s  refusal to resettle them on any count  if found legitimate is sheer bastardry on the part of the Abbott government.  As far as Abbott is concerned it’s home, Papua, Nahru  or any other country we can pay to accept them, with a razor wire holiday along the way.  According to Morisson and Abbott they can suck it up because the government has a duty to protect our Sovereign Borders and our National Security from what in many cases are children

Scott Morrison is tortured and in Sri Lanka wondering how his spin doctors allowed the mad monk to open his mouth about issues involving his department of no information. So the world now knows that Tony Abbott is a leader without compassion  that wont be morally blackmailed and  regularly  puts his foot in his mouth. He is on  fast track to trash the countries reputation.

Australian’s are global travellers who are welcomed wherever they go recognized by our Flag,Koala and Boxing Kangaroo. We should be advised to remove these icons from our luggage and Ts in future. Abbott would have flip the bird  as our new national symbol. If we don’t we might be placed under surveillance by national security  along with the 150 Syrian nationals currently os for nefarious reasons like checking on the wellbeing of relatives.

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi Flip the Bird is not what we’re about.

Another Liberal takes cash that he shouldn’t. But guess what!!!



Ok Ok Labour, Liberals they are all shady aren’t they. Politicians are assumed to run only on self-interest these days. ICAC the corruption commission heard Peta Credlin’s husband Brian Louhnane party president knew all about these secret Property Developer donations and that they were being laundered through the Federal Lib party and subverting the NSW laws banning them.

Peta Credlin is Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief of staff said to be the second most powerful person in Canberra.  Abbott has made no comment to the press. Guess it’s because all press interviews need to be approved through his office and yep, run by Peta Credlin.

How sick do you think Peter Slipper feels when he picks up the paper to see all this corruption entrenched in the LNP and he has been hanged out to dry for $946. Tell me Abbott knows nothing like Sargent Schultz in Hogan’s Heros. But we know better he really told Putin. It was those words that have just lost us close to a 1 billion in food exports to Russia. Goodonya Tony!!!

Great week it’s been for his government  all own goals from Abetz, Brandis & Abbott. Hockey still in a corner losing weight faster than intended. He didn’t need the lap band surgery.

Christopher Pyne remains unnoticed squeaking away in the background conceding to anything going in order that the senate might pass something more than wind. Pyne says he’s not red faced for his loss reminding us he entered politics 30 years ago looking like Stewie from Family Guy and now has skin like leather.

There is a lot of back room mumbling going on even from Andrew Bolt who seems to be out on the street for the moment with the rest of the media and the arse-licker is spitting chips.